Feeling of happiness

Feeling of happiness

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This story is about a young woman… that you can fall in love again at any age and start living a full life from scratch. What does our life consist of? It consists of moments. And it is wonderful that there are such moments when we feel happiness! We remember exactly these moments, and our happy life is made of them! Appreciate every moment! Thank God for everything! Life is the greatest gift, and it is beautiful!

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Maria Lazinskaya
Maria Lazinskaya
My works are a kind of diary in which I share with you my feelings and thoughts… Here are thirty-seven… Who will say a lot or a little? What can I say about my life? I was happy, loved and suffered And I managed to realize the mistakes… I want to say thanks to the whole family, my children and friends, Which were nearby. I love you all! Thanks to my parents for living in this world! As long as I live — I pray for all of you!