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Sex in a reserved car

Stranger in the night train

In the summer I went south on the train. The top shelf, a reserved car, a couple of days on the road. On the lower shelf there is a woman with glasses, on the contrary — an elderly couple, on the side seats — mothers with children. To go a long time, the table is constantly busy, then the spouses eat lunch, then the “teacher” reads the book and eats chocolate sweets. I called the neighbor from the bottom “teacher”, she really looked like a teacher in her big glasses. She has big black horn-rimmed glasses on her nose, her face is smooth, but stern. Age because of the glasses is difficult to determine, probably an old mother or a young grandmother. My share is the upper shelf, where I rest and read and flip through the Internet and sleep and look out the window. Women are young in the car a lot, but almost all with children.

It’s boring. Time moves barely. I’m lying on the shelf, I’m looking out the window. Outside the window, forests and copses spill. Summer. Hot. Downstairs the old man and the old woman again eat. Chicken, eggs, lard, cucumber, some kind of liquid, probably moonshine. The schoolboy is reading a book. The collar of her shirt is unbuttoned into several buttons. I can see from above how the tight breasts tightened by the bra slide into the rhythm of her movements. “Vitalik, what are you thinking about?” I said to myself. “She is older than you, especially so strict. Now he’ll call you to the board and put a deuce. “And the white breasts, bordered by a dark bra, are so seductively rocking right in front of my nose, at arm’s length.

Night, dark, the clatter of wheels. The car throws at the junctions (or not at the junctions?), It seems now it will capsize. I lie with my eyes open and imagine how I bathe and dive in the transparent, slightly cool sea to which I’m going. Sleep in one eye, he slept during the day. Boka is already aching from this shelf. Go for a walk? And where to go, except the toilet. The neighbors are all asleep. Elderly snoring in their places. The teacher lies quietly, too, asleep. On the side shelves in general, curtained sheets, they are not visible and can not be heard. Yes, now you can not see and nothing at all. How can I find my sneakers? To the touch. He went, stood in the toilet, then went out into the vestibule, stood there, went back. So do not hunt back on the shelf, knead the sides. The teacher lies face to face. She picked up her legs to her, there was a place to sit down. I’ll sit. Night, knocking on wheels, snoring, driving. We are going to the sea!

The teacher in a dream corrects the sheet she is covered with. And from under the sheet appears “in the light” her ass. Mother dear! My eyes are already accustomed to the darkness. I see a light contour of a large female pelvis. Also vaguely guesses a strip of dark panties. I need to dump, but something keeps me. Whether reluctance to crumple the sides, or a close female pelvis. “Maybe I should cover it?” I think. Suddenly it is cold? Although how she could be cold in such a hot car. I decide to cover the ass teacher. Carefully I take the edge of the sheet and cover it with the thigh of my companion. I hope she does not wake up. And I’m already finishing my questionable operation, when my hand is missing someone’s hand. This is the hand of the teacher! I am terrified. What to do? I can not speak, I can escape too, my hands and feet do not obey me. What will happen next? But nothing happens after that. My hand lies in a woman’s hand and there are no more movements on her part. Most likely, she sleeps and it’s all mechanically, in a dream. And what should I do? I try to pull my hand gently. It seemed to me that her hand was resisting my movement. I pull harder. The hand is free, I slip into my regiment with a bullet.

Now to catch my breath, my heart is beating unbelievably, a lump has come to my throat. What was it? Maybe she wanted intimacy? Or maybe she thought I was a thief? No, it was just a reflex, in a dream. Thoughts swarm in my head, now I just can not fall asleep. The car operates air conditioning, but I’m hot. Before my eyes, the images of the teacher’s breasts in the afternoon and wide hips at night are emerging. But not only I did not sleep, nor did my child-bearing organ sleep. It was still a dull night, when I again decided to climb down. Why, I do not know. I did not want to go to the toilet and I did not have anything down at the bottom. Simply, insomnia… I sat on the empty seat on the bottom shelf. Uchilka lay all in the same position, I got a booty. Under the sheet, the relief forms of a mature woman were guessed. And suddenly again her sheet crawled up. I could swear that she was no longer wearing panties. I saw this not by sight, but by some kind of animal, primitive instinct. A naked female ass looked at me from the darkness. After some hesitation, I decided to repeat my failed first maneuver. With two fingers, carefully, I took the edge of the sheet and pulled it, covering the shame and lust. And again my hand was seized by a hand, a hand bare half (in the lower part) of a woman. And again I froze. We both froze.

Then I felt a slight stroking of my brush. I answered. We gently stroked each other’s hands, fingers, palms. I stroked her fingers, and her fingers lay on a naked, slightly cool thigh, which I gradually moved on to. From the hip, I moved to the buttock, then to the other. Her priest was smooth and supple. I leaned over and touched her lips. All other places of the teacher were hidden under the sheet, and I was offered, probably, its best part — the priest. The smell of her skin excited me extremely. Everything was decided at this very moment. We both, probably, understood that all the ways back were cut off. I kissed her ass frenziedly, like a thirsty traveler in the desert, nabredshey to the source. I crumpled her ass with my fingers, I felt like digging into it, scratching that sweet and delicious ass with my fingernails, biting my teeth, enjoying all the beauty and energy inherent in it. What could be more beautiful than a female priests, especially the attempts of an unknown companion in an overnight train.

She did not make a sound or stir. The old men still snored. Behind the curtained sheet there was no movement, the whole car slept deeply. My hand touched the center of the priests, everything was humid. Popa was running out of passion. The stranger touched my face with her hand. But along with the skin of her fingers I felt a cheek and some strange object. I took it by hand. Oh my God! It turned out to be a condom in the package… My sharp sharpened knife entered the melted butter of the teacher’s bosom as a ship to its native harbor. It seems that they were waiting for us here. The schoolchild lay all in the same position, on her side. I was hanging around her priests like a loach. Finally, I found a comfortable position and the work began to boil. I decided not to hurry and allow myself and the teacher to enjoy our full contact. At the very beginning, I began to frequent, but then slowed down and began to enter his king into the bosom of the queen all slower and slower. The car slept, the wheels pounded, and two in the car, the Man and the Woman, the Male and the Female, were engaged in the main business of their life. I tried faster and slower again. I introduced it to the limit, and then drowned only lightly. I made circular motions, then to the right and left, up and down. I tried everything. I do not know what the Teacher felt, whether she experienced an orgasm (orgasms), but I went through all the stages with her bosom that I knew. And then came the moment when I could no longer restrain myself. A terrible cramp seized my whole body. I made a titanic effort to avoid screaming or moaning. The energy was leaving me. A huge amount of semen erupted into a condom. I thought I would die.

But I’m not dead. I woke up later in the car, already in the afternoon. Instead of old men other neighbors were traveling. The teacher at the bottom also read the book. She did not even look at me. Yesterday, after I had finished, she threw a sheet on the ass and our meeting and our acquaintance ended. I treacherously blushed and paled all day until she came out. I met Uchilka, probably her husband, an interesting tall man in years. They kissed each other, joined hands and walked proudly along the aisle. For a moment it seemed to me that all this I dreamed. This night, this great beautiful priest, this big explosion… But at last, leaving the car, Uchilka turned around and winked at me through one of her giant glasses. No, I did not dream about it…

Natasha by Skype

I met Natasha on a dating site. I liked her picture in the form. The form is not borderline, not customs. White shirt, tie (bow), large breasts looked very elegant. The gaze of the brown eyes betrayed the eastern origin, but did not spoil the picture, but, on the contrary, made the face slightly shy and very attractive. I put her “Laika” on the photo, some comment and correspondence began. The novel developed quickly. After a while we agreed to communicate by Skype. My camera on the computer was so-so, it was no better. What I saw on the monitor, clearly did not match the photos on the dating site. Natasha was older, fuller and somehow unwell. Completely write off this for the quality of shooting was impossible. But it did not stop me. We started to communicate via Skype. Assigned time, went out to talk and talked (and then just chatted) for hours. I began to notice the changes in the hairstyle that she sometimes did, new outfits.

One day, she sat down at the computer after the bathroom. With a towel on his head and a terry dressing gown. Natasha apologized for her too “home” outfit, but she seemed more attractive to me than usual. Business was on a day off, the mood was upbeat, we were in a good mood and set to communicate. This was in the summer. I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. However, what was dressed below, the camera did not get to the computer, so the main thing was that it was dressed above the belt. Natasha’s hair dried up, she took the towel off her head. Black thick hair fell to the shoulders. Natasha was happy and smiling. Her dark gown emphasized the whiteness of the gate and the place where the breasts began. When she spoke or gesticulated, the gown folded open her delightful circles, which I looked at without looking up. On the screen of Skype you do not see exactly where your interlocutor looks and I used it. Skype itself consists of 2 screens — one big, for the interlocutor and one small, where you see yourself. However, it can be combined here.

“You look good today,” I said. “Well, you,” Natasha hesitated, “on the contrary, now I’m terrible as a witch, not made-up and not combed.” “I would like to comb you,” I said. “I would like that, too,” said Natasha. I swallowed saliva, Natasha in Skype always excites me. “You have a beautiful robe,” I said, “show it to me completely.” “How is this?” Natasha asked. — “Get up, step away from the computer, walk around the room.” Natasha laughed and said: “Well, look,” and walked away from the computer. Her robe was short, and white, slightly bare legs appeared from under him. I swallowed again. Something had to be said, but I could not say anything. Natasha returned to the table, I again looked at her breasts under the robe. “Well, what are you wearing?” — Natasha asked, — walk around the room. “I walked away from the desk in embarrassment, trying to hide my excitement from the camera, sticking out from under the shorts. Then we continued the conversation, and I was all agonizingly thinking, and whether there are any more clothes on Natasha under the robe. But how to find out, do not ask? And why not ask? But how? Will she not be offended? And on the other hand, we are adults…

“Natasha,” my voice sat down and I spoke low and hoarse, “Natasha, do you have anything under your robe?” Natasha blushed, it was visible even through our inferior cameras and blinked with her big eyelashes. “Almost nothing,” she said, “only panties.” — “And what color are they?” — “White”. “And show me?” Natasha got up from behind the table, slightly flung open the hem of her dressing gown and I saw a small slice of white panties. My excitement peaked. I put my left hand in my shorts, the benefit of Natasha on the computer could not see it. My gun was completely ready for battle. I myself marveled at his power. Natasha’s bare legs affected me like a red rag on a bull. I could not think of anything else.

“Natasha, take off your robe,” I croaked. — “Well, you, I’m shy.” “Well, at least open a bit.” — “What do you need to open?” — “Open your chest.” Natasha sat down to the computer. There was a smile on her face. “I’m embarrassed about you,” she repeated, “I can not show you everything. Here look”. She slowly opened her dressing gown on her chest. I saw an unforgettable sight. Her breasts opened almost completely, but her nipples covered her fingers. “How I would like to kiss your breasts,” I burst out. — “Kiss”. Natasha pushed her charms closer to the screen. — “And (I paused and got courage) I would like to touch your nipples with my penis.” “I really want this,” said Natasha, “show me it.” I got up from my chair, took off my T-shirt, but I did not have to let go of the shorts. Natasha’s face and her chest looked at me from the screen. In the small screen I saw my bare torso and a steel spring sticking out of shorts. I pulled the shorts down. Natasha gasped. What she wanted to see (and I show her) appeared before her. It was a real man’s flesh, in all its power and pristine beauty. Fingers I kneaded my beast, completely ready to jump. The muscles of the torso were also tense. Yes, hell, I was extremely tense.

“Oh, how I want it,” said Natasha. “Come closer, I want to touch it.” I approached the monitor. “Can I put it on your chest?” “You can,” Natasha sighed. “And you can …", — I hesitated. “Do you want me to kiss him?” Natasha asked. — “Really want to. Take his lips. " “I take it, I like it very much.” “And I like it, but I’m going to finish it.” — “Stop it! End it, my dear! Cum on my face. " — “No, I will finish you on the chest, on the nipples. Or in the groin. Take off your panties. “Natasha also got up and went to the computer. Her robe was already unbuttoned completely. She began to take off her panties. I realized that I would not stop. Already no one and nothing will stop me. Natasha’s stomach, lower abdomen, her crotch, legs were here, here they are. I was mad. The denouement was drawing near. “Natasha, take it with your lips.” Natasha raised her face to the screen. Her eyes were wide open, her lips moved to the rhythm of my movements. “I’m taking it, darling. I’ll swallow all his strength. I’m all yours, do with me what you want. " — “You have soft lips and strong tongue, I am bald from your caresses. The more I can not stand, I cum in your mouth. ON!!! “And I shouted:" NAAAAA!!! “And finished. Well, at hand was a handkerchief, otherwise the computer would simply be washed off the table. Natasha breathed heavily, she spoke like in a dream: “I want more, come on, come on, give me everything.” I did not see her hands, but, probably, they also did not lose time in vain. Then her eyes rolled and she moaned loudly. I realized that she, too, had finished.

Natasha lived in another city, a few thousand kilometers from me, so we did not meet “live” with her. Our meetings on Skype did not last very long. We quarreled because of something and did not correspond anymore. Oh, Natasha…

Sveta-saleswoman and Anna Sergeevna

At one time I worked as a commodity expert in a department store. The staff was exclusively female (except me). Ladies are all completely family, young and not very much, many with children. My fiefdom was the storage room at the store. One day a new girl came to us, Sveta, a saleswoman. Young, interesting woman, she was a short blonde with pleasant and mouth-watering forms. The ass in the tight trousers was absolutely round. Do not spoil the figure and mature, slightly heavy breasts. Sveta was a sociable girl, she liked to laugh and joke. I immediately liked her. Occasionally Sveta came to my warehouse, on business, we talked with her. Sometimes I went out into the hall, on business, and when she was not busy with the buyers, we talked. Sveta loved jokes that I knew in plenty and always laughed loudly and contagiously, broadly exposing her white, even teeth.

At first, my anecdotes were all pretty much decent. Then I began to allow some liberties. Sveta laughed and vulgar jokes, only adding to laughter so the color that goes to her. Sometimes I caught myself thinking that telling an anecdote is not the first time. But Sveta laughed loudly anyway. Increasingly, I began to catch myself thinking that I’m going to work with pleasure, because I will see the Light there. Once Sveta went to the warehouse and was looking for something on the lower shelves. We talked about something. In general, I must say, my warehouse was a quiet place and rarely looked here. Svetin’s head and upper body were between the shelves, and only “legs” and a round pop, protruding with black elastic breeches, “stuck out” from the outside. I approached closer. “Sveta, can I help you?” Can be supported, “I asked. — “Support, or else I’m going to crash”. And for what to keep? I hesitantly took hold of her hips. They were elastic and very pleasant to the touch. I squeezed my fingers a little harder. Then he let go of it lightly. Sveta did not react at all. She still did something there on the shelf. “You have a butt as a nut,” I said, and stroked my ass with my palm. It was delicious. Sveta was silent. I began stroking further. My research shifted to the front of her trousers. In order not to interfere with my research, Sveta slightly spread her legs. I began to unbutton the buttons on the pants of her trousers. It was not so easy. Not having proper training, I dug in longer than I wanted. I began to lower the women’s trousers on the sly. Under them was opened a naked ass, slightly covered with cheerful greenish panties. And then… Then the door clicked into the warehouse. My warehouse had a door with a latch, but was not locked. And to enter here, in principle, could any employee of the store at any time. I jumped off from Sveta, she also flew out of the rack under the bullet, fastening trousers on the way. Running out, she nearly knocked Anna Sergeevna, the administrator of our store, who came to the warehouse.

Anna Sergeevna was a prominent middle-aged woman who knew her own worth. She walked on her heels, wore many gold ornaments and smelled of expensive perfume. I stood at the shelf, buried in it, and pretended that I was doing something here. I tried to turn my body away from Anna Sergeyevna, so that she would not notice my embarrassed gaze and bulge from the trousers. I was afraid of looking at her. Anna Sergeyevna came closer, began to say something (about work), I answered inappropriately. Her gray, commanding eyes looked stern and testing. I could hardly stand her eyes. The light in the warehouse was uneven. Now I was standing in his dark corner, where I unbuttoned my pants to the Light. It can not be said that it was completely dark, but the semi-darkness was definitely present. Anna Sergeevna came even closer, signed her order to tilt her head and whispered in her ear not on the production topic. From her lips, I could smell hot on my ear. The smell of languid perfumes and something so feminine smacked into my nose… She started talking about what she understands that Sveta is a beautiful girl, that men sometimes need a discharge… Incidentally, most likely, she touched my cock, who, out of fear Was blown away and almost completely hidden from the terrible boss. Anna Sergeyevna was a beautiful woman, but somehow in a sexual sense, I was probably afraid of her, so in conversation I still tried to keep the distance. Finally, she left.

I plopped down into my office chair. The palms and forehead were wet, in shorts too wet. I had to catch my breath. I set the teapot… After about 15 minutes, Sveta came back again. She started to say something, but I came closer, hugged her and we kissed her lips. I slowly took her to our “dark” corner and began to undress her a little. First I unbuttoned my bra. Breasts near Sveta were above all praise. Slightly larger than average, full, round and with large erotic nipples. I began to kiss the nipples, first one, then another. With tongue and lips, I gently tugged at them, caressing and exciting them. About the fact that someone can come in again, I did not think, so I was captured by a beautiful female body. Then I unbuttoned the trousers and sent them down. He got on his knees, slowly began to take off her panties. Began to kiss Svetin belly, legs, tried to get his tongue to the cherished place. But her pants got in the way. I began to shoot them further. Light resisted weakly. The smell of a woman’s body, ready to mate, deprived me of reason. I pulled off Sveta pants, and then panties.

I led her to my desk and threw all the papers on the floor. Sveta lay on her back, I lifted her legs and parted them. Now I was open to all her riches. At first I kissed and licked her stomach, then my legs, only then I moved to the main, so to speak, part. I found a clitoris, then a vagina. I examined all the alleys, licked all the cracks and hollows. I was just indefatigable. Light was exhausted by desire. She held her head firmly with her own hands and accompanied them with every movement I took. But she said: — “Come on!” I understood everything. I took out my Apollo and sent it to the bosom of my passionate lover. Svetlana, without any restraint, moaned. Of clothes on her were only socks, yes unbuttoned blouse. She lustily accepted Apollo and responded to his visits with the movements of her bosom and pelvis. Legs of Light put on my shoulders and our bodies were in perfect harmony with each other. We broke away at full length. Then I wanted to enter into it from a different angle. I shifted the Light from my back to my stomach and entered it from behind. It was even more beautiful. Over and over again we joined together in a single rush, launching Apollo into the most secret, most desirable and sweet places. Light groaned, I felt the approach of orgasm. Suddenly…

Suddenly, I saw an approaching figure. It was Anna Sergeyevna. My Apollo nearly rushed off, but I kept him by force. Then I noticed Anna Sergeyevna and Sveta. She made an attempt to jump out and run away, but I did not let her do it, keeping her in the starting position with Apollo inside. Anna Sergeyevna, it seems, quietly opened the door to the warehouse and crept up to us on tiptoe. Now she was standing side by side and Sveta and I did not know what to do next. I was afraid to look in the direction of Anna Sergeyevna, Sveta also with fear turned her head away from her. Suddenly, I felt the hand of Anna Sergeyevna on my buttock, then the second. She stood up behind me and stroked my bare ass. Suppressing embarrassment, I began to continue the progressive movement of Apollo. Anna Sergeyevna’s hands encouraged me to this. Then one hand of Anna Sergeyevna slipped into my groin and began to touch and caress my testicles. It was unexpected and very pleasant. The second hand of Anna Sergeyevna began to caress my anus, gradually approaching the center. Having reached it, the woman began to force a hole. It was a little painful, but very, very nice. Then Anna Sergeyevna rose to her knees from my side, unfolded my hip to myself, pulling Apollo out of Svetlana and inserting it into her mouth. I let Anna Sergeevna do everything she wanted with my Apollo. Taking the headmistress by the ears with large gold earrings, I repeatedly launched Apollo into the mouth of this woman. That was great! Sveta did not move. She must have waited for all this to end. Her naked priest on the table spoke so straight about it. Anna Sergeyevna squeezed my hips, caressed the testicles, then again took up the anus. When, finally, her manicured finger pierced my anus, and the fingers of the second hand squeezed my testicles, I could not stand it. It was the end! A fountain of semen poured into Anna Sergeyevna’s mouth, on her face, on her clothes, on Svetochka’s bare ass. Anna Sergeyevna and Sveta took out everything from me…

After that time, we met Sveta again. That was great. Then Sveta unexpectedly resigned and our paths somehow parted. We worked together with Anna Sergeyevna for a long time, but she practically did not go to the warehouse anymore. Seeing me, she only said harsh words…

Spa sex

Part 1

That’s the sea! Beach, resort, all inclusive, 5 stars, super! Plus unlimited opportunities for dating and flirting. At dinner I was at the same table with my mother and daughter. My daughter is slightly younger than me, my mother is a little older. We arrived too recently. My daughter’s name is Vika, my mother is Alla. Both are of the same height, slender, the daughter has hair to her shoulders, her mother is short. Both moderately cute, behave like girlfriends, but from the outside, you can not say that mom and daughter, well, exactly — girlfriends. In the morning, walking to the sea, I came across them on the beach. — “Vitaly, go to us!” Played cards, bathed, sunbathed, brought them ice cream. And somehow it happened that time began to spend together. Together we went to dinner, together sunbathed, we met in the evening on entertainment programs. The friendship with Vika and Alla blocked me the possibility of dating with other, single travelers. Although, in truth, single girls did not really exist. All or families or companies. But there were a lot of women in the resort. Vika and Alla were well built up, pleasant to the faces, but they were not so beautiful. They were good at communication, they joked and laughed a lot. With them it was easy and simple, as with old acquaintances.

At first I decided to priudarit for Vika, not with my mother, I was engaged in flirting. But my mother and daughter were almost inseparable. A couple of times I managed to steal Vic. We walked around the town, along the embankment, went to a local restaurant. Vika did not really take courtship. I did not even succeed in kissing her once. And the days flew fast, one by one… There came a dinner, tomorrow Alla and Vika fly home. It was a little sad, but soon I was going to leave the hospitable places here. We sat at the table all already so rested, tanned, condescendingly glancing at the white newcomers. At the end of dinner, when Alla went to add dessert, Vika suddenly handed me a note. Her face was mysterious. “Read it in the room,” she said. I hid the note in my pocket. What would that mean? I was at a loss. After lunch, it was necessary to lie in air-conditioned rooms, it was still hot in the “yard” during the day. “Come at one o’clock in the morning to our place on the beach,” was written in a note. Really? Does Vicochka give me a date? This is the last night…

In the evening at a concert of local amateur performance I sat next to Vika, although the place with Alla was also free and it would be more convenient to sit there. I moved in Vick and began to stroke her hand unnoticed. “Not now,” the girl whispered to me and moved away a little. Well, not now, not right now. I hardly found the night. He shaved, put on weight, put on his dress shirt. I took a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers. “Our” place on the beach was a little away from the main, there were fewer people, in the afternoon. At night the place was completely deserted and dark. The sandy beach and the sea are illuminated only by a muted moonlight. The waves roll unhurriedly to the shore, there are no other sounds. I sat down on the sand, opened the bottle, poured the wine over the glasses and waited.

The clock was already half past one, when I heard a cry: “Vitalik!” The sound came from the blackness, from the sea. I looked, apparently there was nothing at all. — “Vika, you?” — “I!” I threw a shirt and jeans on the sand and jumped into the sea. “Vika, where are you?” “I’m here.” I swam to the sound. The anticipation of seeing a naked (almost) female body next to me on this black night stirred me. It seemed that I could now swim this sea from end to end. And so I saw her. She swam by and by. I rushed to Vick. She saw me, “rushed” napeyk, decided to play catch-up. Vika and Alla swam well, I was already convinced of this. But I was also a good swimmer. Lowering his head into the water, I powerfully earned my hands and feet, sending the body for the fugitive. Soon I began to overtake it. Here are her heels, very close. Touch, yet, but no, she’s not going to give up. The race continues. But my masculine pride was already touched. Some girl “makes” me like a kid. I turned on the maximum speed. For some time our pursuit continued until I grabbed her ankle. Still sailing after Vika, I noticed some absurdity in her appearance, but did not attach any importance to it. And now, grabbing Vika by the leg, I was face to face with… Alla.

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