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Dynamic temporary physics

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Fig. 1 Live long and prosper. And God grant to you happiness, health, love and the peace sky over a head!

Kazakhstan. Pavlodar. It is the third edition with rectifyings and small additions 2017.

      I here, and not here.

     I always, and when.

    I was, and I was not.

   The answer and question.

  Who also that.




“Laws of an origin and development of the Universe or the New Dynamic temporary physics and its formulas”

Asadov Valery Abdullovich — the engineer on automation and complex mechanisation of himiko-technological processes. Scientific degrees and ranks are not present.

1. The New Dynamic temporary physics (further, Н.Д.В.Ф or Д is created. Century Ф). In Н. Д. В.Ф time, space and a substance are interconnected together in a single whole. Feature Н. Д. Century Ф that at any formulas obviously or implicitly bindingly there should be time function. On this bottom the new classification of fundamental particles consisting of five particles, a proton, an electron, a quantum, нейтрино (two views нейтрино) and excited particles (a neutron, leptons, mesons and baryons) is created. There are two more particles it айперон and планкеон, from айперона there was our Universe, and планкеон existed only to 1 second And is now applied only in calculations.

2. The problem of the latent mass in an aggregation of galaxies (the solution of a dark substance) which speaks untrue definition of distances to aggregations of galaxies is solved. Distances are spotted at use of a stationary value of Hubble. The value accepted now of 67,8 km/s on Mps. And it depends on (accepted) age of the Universe 2,196*10—18 sek-1 or 14,4*109 years. Exact and real age of the Universe of 291 604 086 700 years, and value Hubble’s stationary value = 3,3236 km/s of Mps.

3. Also the Quantum geophysics of the Earth which explains the parent of expansion of the Earth, and also small quantity of a departure нейтрино from the Sun is created. Besides, the new effect of “temporary flaw of masses of 1st and 2nd sort”, similar to kernel flaw of masses is revealed, but on 2—3 orders is more powerful and softer on the action. Temporary flaw of masses of 1st sort arises at travel of particles, masses of substance and bodies on radius from centre of masses. And temporary flaw of masses of 2nd sort arises, at time course, mass of substance, a substance decreases and transmuted into energy. Which warms our planet. It also is energy of time. The deduction of the formula of constant Avogadro, and calculation of its value is created. On the basis of Н. Д. Century Ф possibility of exact calculation of all parametres of our Universe is gained. The given calculation is made from a Universe birth till today and for 500 billion years forward. The complete set of formulas Н is created. Д. Century Ф, is tables №2 and 3 which allows to solve set of problems of a modern physics. Lack of major explosion and сингулярности, and constant expansion of the Universe is proved.


The dynamic temporary physics is a part to “time Metaphysics”, as well as all other books of the author.

Time metaphysics is new, fuller and the main thing a complete pattern of our world, its device, its origin and its laws, and ours in it existence. All three books the author (the fourth book “Women and Absurdity laws” actually is a part the first books, it is simply oozed in the separate book only for convenience of some readers) show as there was our world, under what laws he lives and exists and that charges it.

1. “The dynamic temporary physics” — opens as there was a Universe (a physical part), what physical laws in it are. Is responsible for the material and physical part to time Metaphysics.

2. “Matrix” (from the first book) — opens our world as holographic and virtual simultaneously (that is дуалистический), and shows and explains as we live and we exist simultaneously in the material and virtual world (in the computer in the form of files). For the past, present and future, and also for a karma and fate. And also for understanding of theology. Answers a computer part to time Metaphysics.

3. “Information” (from the first book) — is responsible for a management of the Matrix, the information, libraries and knowledge bases. Also is responsible for filling of the whole world by the information and control over the information in Metaphysics of times.

4. “The formula and a reason constant” (from the first book) — opens and creates possibility of occurrence of reason at only. Shows a variety quantity and quality of views of reason. Is responsible for a rationality of all in Metaphysics of times.

5. “Thoughts aloud” (from the first book) — opens the universe supreme laws which dominate over all other laws and which open as these laws operate. Also show the present and real world, instead of those illusions which all of us see and we accept for the present. Is responsible for philosophy and the supreme laws in Metaphysics of times.

6. “Performances of objects” (from the first book) — the world of objects, interaction between objects opens, performances of objects. Is responsible for the world of objects and the world of fashions of objects and figurative thinking in Metaphysics of times.

7. The book “Management of the healer” — opens some aspects of magic, interaction with elements, religion. Is responsible for a magic making part to time Metaphysics.

The metaphysics of times unites a science, religion, magic, live and lifeless together in the uniform complete organic world.


1. There are some views of physics. In our case (and presently) one was (classical), another is, the third comes. There are some views of physics. In our case (and presently) in 5th race of people — one was (classical), another is, the third comes, the fourth will be (metaphysics). The representative of fourth (metaphysics) already was in the end of 19 and in the beginning of 20 centuries it is Nikolay Tesla. It have very much treated badly, and it is natural its operations not absolutely understood, and then, and now. Because it not that (not absolutely that) the physicist for which accepted it and now accept. The metaphysics is physics + magic. Metaphysics people of 3 and 4 races, лемурийцы and атланты in full owned. It is that crystal (at Atlantov) about which all heard, just and was one of metaphysics tools. Ernest Muldashev the General director of “the All-Russia centre of eye and plastic surgery” in travelings across India. In search of tracks of 3 and 4 races, has found out in one monastery the cylinder (precisely I do not remember the sizes) about metre in diameter and 1,5 in length. On both extremities of the cylinder 4 incurvated plates to centre. He has asked that this such, to it have answered that do not know, but that monk whom recently have expelled from library in a monastery, should know it. And when have asked this monk he has answered what exactly this subject handled mountains (formed). And it was the operating tool. It filled with mental energy and drived it on distance. Мулдашев in Tibet saw the mountains handled by this tool and enormous stone mirrors. Before which (time Mirrors) people very promptly grew old and died. But the metaphysics is very dangerous subject. To metaphysics the person should be ready spiritually, it should be “the person reasonable”. The knowledge of physics gives the chance its application in techniques and lives, facilitating it, but also it and a guillotine, a colt, tanks, guns, a cyclone, crematoriums and gas cabinets. But the magic, its knowledge and possibilities, its application, allocate the person with arrogance and consciousness of the unknown power. Than also have suffered, most likely, Atlanta and Lemurijtsy, it can be and there was one of the parents of their slope. Knowingly east the trajectory, suggests to create and bring up at first spirituality in the person (its spiritual pole) but only then to give it knowledge! Two occupations strongly influence mankind. These are physicists and physicians. Physicians face every day people, and mankind health depends on them. And on physicists depends the future mankind. Therefore it is necessary to plot them with the account on mercy and spirituality. In the program their training is necessary to add one more year. And to include disciplines — Drevneju history, culture, ethnography, a small part of archeology and paleontology, a bottom of philosophy of oriental combat sports (instead of physical culture) and meditations. And also small practice (excavation). Visiting of museums and centres of the historical and cultural importance for mankind. Such as the Egyptian pyramids, Osventsim and Buhenvald. That they have understood that the major importance and value has not only their life, but also life of other people.

2. That the odds, between a modern physics and dynamic physics were visible. I cite the accepted numerical data on the Cosmology and given gained by the author on the basis of dynamic physics.

Table №1.

2.1 Also see what odds between a modern physics and dynamic temporary physics. In НДВФ all value are given and exact, and in a modern physics “Can be so, or about it” or “it is possible, probably such”. Exact the modern physics can give value only to that sees directly before itself, and only. It not the irony, or a sneer, is reality and the fact! Where from it you will get to.

2.2. [] is whence this data, the author, the edition, year, page is taken. These are references to pages on the Internet and other authors.

2.3. To dilate concept about constants. There are constants stationary values, and there are constants variables in time.

Constants variables in time, it:

2.3.1. The Universe mass (is incremented), and the proton and electron mass (decreases).

2.3.2. Constant Avogadro and Boltsmana — decrease.

2.3.3. Radiuses of the Universe, a proton, an electron — are incremented.

2.3.4. The density of the Universe, a proton, an electron — decrease.

2.3.5. The mass of a virtual particle of vacuum, density of energy of vacuum, acceleration vacuum pushing away, an absolute acceleration, Hubble’s stationary value — decrease.

3. General laws. These are the supreme laws which are above other laws and render, the influence also influence on them.

3.1. The higher views of laws, it those laws which are present at any sciences (physicists, psychology, biology, chemistry and others), in a live and lifeless view though the lifeless shape of life actually too is live, in not which sort. These are Absurdity laws, the Balance law concerns it such views: “it is necessary to pay For all” and “If that that you gain very much it will be much taken away another”. An example of it: If you gain a lot of pleasure a lot of health will be taken away, either mind, or good luck, either creativity, or life term is shortened. The law of Acceptance and the Golden section law, concern the golden section law and following laws enter into it:

And. Left, not equivalently right.

.The same force guided every which way (direction) is not identical.

Century the Same force guided to spirals of a different direction (view) is not identical.

Time measured at various times are not identical (not equally).

Absurdity and Balance laws and their activity, are detailed, stated in books “Women and Absurdity laws”, and partially the law “the golden section law”.

3.2. Principal views of laws and formulas of subjects and sciences.

It those laws which physicists, mathematicians, chemistry and other sciences are. These views of laws, are the cores in the field sciences. These laws should be very simple on the structure, the shape and a view, instead of organic laws should be difficult on the structure and the shape. So private effects, the phenomena and laws look. In it and their basic difference.

3.3. There are private laws, the phenomena, and effects which exist in very restricted requirements.


Fig. 2. An office of the researcher and the true finder.

The good information is difficult for extracting. To make with it something — it is even more difficult.


In the dynamic temporary physics there are black holes of three views:

1 view. The major Universe, and also the next Universe which are in the Major Universe. The parallel Universe it as the nested dolls, one in one, but is one radical Universe, and other parallel are cloned on the radical. The parallel worlds are the restricted field of the Universe formed by a ramification of events in time (with time lag on 1 сек from the basic field), from radical field. This field restricted to star system (for example Solar).

2 view. The black holes of the star sizes gained from the former stars.

3 view. Fundamental particles: апейрон, планкеон, a proton, an electron. Neutrons and the others a particle: leptons, mesons, baryons are excited particles. Except a quantum and нейтрино (two views).

In НДВФ, instead of Lorentz transformation laws, Viktorialnoe the transformation linking time, space and a substance together in a single whole and indivisible is used.

Under this formula it is visible, as there is time partitioning. If to take a major and massive body, for example, the Earth the is more subcentral the Earth, the time, for three orders more slowly flows. On depth from a surface of 1670 km time 0,75 сек, on depth of 3188 km 0,5 сек, and on depth of 5733 km 0,1 seconds Thus when on depth of 3188 km will transit 1 сек on a surface will transit already 2 seconds And when on depth 5733 will transit 1 сек on a surface there will transit already 10 seconds Also, in Н. Д. Century Ф is said that the proton changes the mass eventually under the formula

The formula 1. A viktorialnaja stationary value.

The formula 2. A temporary relation.

Under the same formula it is possible to calculate age of the Universe, and, on the contrary, on the given time of the Universe to learn, what mass of a proton was at that time.

Label of quantities to formulas (1) and (2):

ml — mass планкеона, equal 1,539*10—5 gramme under the formula:

mp — proton mass. Планкеон is the proton in due course decreasing in mass,

Tm — age of the Universe — time during which планкеон — the proton changes the mass,

Tgr— 1 сек — time of section of metrics of space, time and a substance. It not the casual boundary of time, at it is still properties and effects,

g — the gravity constant equal of 6, 6719677*10—8 sm3 / г*сек2,

c — light speed, h — a Dirac constant,

R — body radius, distance to a point of measuring of time,

r — Gravitational radius of a body. When R — the body radius becomes less р time becomes subzero,

a — Viktorialnaja a stationary value equal of 1, 4711*109 gramm*sek/sm2,

v — Velocity, M — body Mass.

As a result of these two formulas “temporary flaw of masses of 1st and 2nd sort” comes to light. If the substance, for example magma, starts to rise with depth on a surface the proton starts to decrease in mass. Change of mass of one proton when it rises on a surface from depth of 1670 km and age of this stratum in 3,750 billion years from occurrence of the Earth, is equal 7,2*10—27 gramme either 6,47104*10—13 J. Or 4,03821 MeV or 1,5456*10—16 kcal. These phenomena are applicable to any planet or a star. The Universe germ is апейрон, terrain clearancely neutral, stable and long-living particle, from it arises the Universe (when it is necessary). Its mass is similar to mass планкеона. Планкеон is truly neutral particle which arises from айперона (contain with антипланкеон, it is the Antiuniverse) and there are only, to 1 сек, demarcations of metrics. After one second it already becomes a proton, and gradually changes the mass and density, they decrease, and here its radius is incremented. The proton mass how much decreases, the Universe mass is so incremented.

Formulas with 1 to 20 authors, and with 21 and further it is used formulas from different radiants and fields of knowledge and different sections of sciences.

Table №2. Formulas of dynamic temporary physics.

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