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Digitized sex

Бесплатный фрагмент - Digitized sex

Designer mistresses

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Hello! My name is Alex. I work as a programmer in one big company, I will not name her here. Why should I engage in free advertising? In my free time (and often at work) I write programs for myself. This is my extra earnings and my hobby. Now I’m creating a program under the conditional name “Construct a woman”. Its meaning is that a user, a man, can design a virtual woman to his liking. And not only look at it, but also communicate with it.

The game began with the fact that among the many proposed options for the female body, you need to collect what you like. I called my “prototype” Julia. Blonde, blue eyes, right facial features. The body is slim, but with good forms — big breasts and a round ass. Julia functioned in three-dimensional space. She could walk, dance and do any movements. Julia’s wardrobe was very extensive, the program provided all the possibilities for this. After creating the body, Julia needed to be taught to speak. I uploaded several dictionaries to the program. There I also introduced a Russian textbook. What kind of education give Julia? Let’s start with the kindergarten. Here is the program of preschool education. Then the school, 11 classes. Download. What about the highest? Let it be a higher education in humanities. Without thinking twice, I settled on psychology. I hope in life it will not hurt her.

But this is all common, not individual. Talking with an inanimate robot would not be interesting. So, you need to give Julia some character traits. What kind? Let it be good. In the algorithm of its behavior there will be “good” sides. Let it be a little non-standard, with a “twist”. Interest in life, people. Let it be moderately cheerful, moderately curious, moderately cautious. And sexy. And that she learned life not only from the book side, we load into the program hundreds of thousands of pages of social networks. And, most importantly, we will give her the opportunity to learn and improve herself. On the Internet, there are all possibilities for this.

“Hello, Julia!”

— Hi Alex!

— How are you?

“What have I got to do?” Until you turn on the program, I do not.

“Well, that’s what I asked so simply.”

“It’s just that nothing happens, it’s all for the money.”

— This is where the saying comes from?

— From there, from the Internet.

“What would you like, Julia?”

— I would like to communicate with someone, make friends, love, start a family.

“But we’re talking to you.”

— It’s not that. I see and hear you. But I can not touch it. I can not stand beside you. I can not breathe in the fragrance of your perfume.

“You should not want anything at all, because you are painted.” You do not eat, you do not drink, you do not need to sleep, work, and so on.

“Alex, give me the opportunity to communicate with other people.” Make me an account on the social network.

— Communicate with other people? But you are not a man.

“Well, let me not be a man, but I also have feelings, I have desires.”

“All right, I’ll think about it.”

I created Julia’s account on the social network and allowed me to be on the Internet all the time, even when I myself was not part of the “Build a Woman” program.

Soon Julia and I “became friends” in the network and I began to follow her actions. Its popularity grew. Beautiful appearance, good manners and high literacy allowed her in a short time to get a wide range of fans, men. I added to the program the possibility of publishing Julia’s photos. Painted girl on the background of different sights. Here it is against the background of the Eiffel Tower, the blouse from above is slightly unbuttoned, revealing the edge of a tall big chest. Here’s Julia in a bikini on a super-expensive yacht. Here she leads a luxury open car. The wind blows the hem of a wide white dress, revealing slender sexy legs. Photos attracted great interest in the network. Most (men) admired, some screamed and swore (well, where else without it). I myself liked Julia’s photos. On them, she looked prettier and more attractive than the girl I created at the very beginning. Probably, the self-improvement system of the computer program object that I implemented was working. The painted features of Julia’s face became more and more realistic.

“Alex,” Julia told me once. “I want to live somewhere, make me a home.”

“Why do you need a house?” You have neither cold nor heat. You do not pour rain, do not sweep the snowstorm. And what would you do in the house, because you do not need to sleep, eat, or go to the toilet.

— Well, I want to live like people, because I’m also human.

“You’re a painted doll.”

“Well, Alex,” she whimpered. “Do you want me to undress before you?”

— Undress?

— Yes, I will be completely exposed. Many men like it, they all offer it.

“Have I not seen you naked?” Yes, I made you when you did not have any clothes yet.

“Well, Alex, look how I undress.”

— Okay, let’s see.

— Turn on the music.

I turned on the slow melody. Julia began to dance. She danced very beautifully and very sexy. Where did she learn this? Dressed Julia was in a red pleated skirt below the knees, a white blouse and black shoes. On the neck was a thread of black pearls. And on the head, in white curls, a big red bow.

First in the dance Julia dismissed the bow. Her white hair spilled over her shoulders and waved in waves to the beat of the music. Then she began to unbutton her blouse. From the top, one button, slowly. Under the blouse was a white bodice, with difficulty restraining the high breasts ready to break free.

“Alex,” the dancer said languidly. “Do not you want to help the lady unbutton?”

“I want to,” I replied. I really really wanted this.

Julia continued the dance. The blouse flew to the floor. However, the floor was not there. Where the girl danced, there was nothing, neither sex, nor walls. In the computer program there was Julia and her outfits. And nothing more. Solid white spot.

Julia’s skirt was unbuttoned from the side. Where there was a high incision opening the side of the whole leg. Here and the skirt flew “on the floor.” The dancer remained in black shoes, white panties and a bra.

“What will she do next?” — I thought. — Sure, shoes.

But I was wrong. Julia unbuttoned the bra straps on her back. But I did not take off the bra at once. And she continued to dance, holding him with her hands on her chest. This gave the dance more sexuality. The girl waved the bra’s clasps and opened her luxurious breasts slightly.

— Do you like my chest?

— You have a super-breast.

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