Digitized sex

Designer mistresses

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ISBN 978-5-4490-6212-3

О книге

A successful programmer writes a computer program, a game. In it, he settles a beautiful young woman, with whom she is engaged in virtual sex. Time passes, the game is overgrown with new components. Julia, a virtual mistress, has a house, a car, finally a dog. The hero goes on and inserts a new woman into the game. The last step of computer genius is adding yourself to the game.

Об авторе

Vitaly Mushkin

This is the 19th erotic story of a popular author, Vitaly Mushkin. All of them are written in less than a year. The variety of situations in which the heroes are, is amazing. This, of course, attracts many fans. Based on the stories of Vitaly Mushkin put the performances, make films. A good story and high-quality sex, what else is needed for the discerning reader?

Александр Невзоров

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