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Digital Gold: Earn Money on the Web

Бесплатный фрагмент - Digital Gold: Earn Money on the Web

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I want to thank the Crypto Pro forum and Sergey Likhachev for the opportunity to use their materials for the writing of this book, as well as the Trading view platform for use of their charts for illustrations. Separate thanks to family and friends for moral support.

I. Introduction

Greetings to everyone who reads this book!

This book is about making money online. I was encouraged to write it by a motivational video that a friend sent to me on Facebook. After seeing it, I decided to write my book.

You may have already heard about many types of earnings before but haven’t dared to try. Something, perhaps, will be a discovery for you. I really hope that the information presented here will push many to action. I want as many people as possible to begin to apply my advice in practice after reading this book

This book is written for anyone who wants earn money online. If you want to become financially independent and improve your financial knowledge, if you think that you can make money on the Internet independently and without significant contributions — then this book is for you.

I want as many ordinary people as possible to learn about unusual methods of earning. The time when only very rich people could invest and earn money has passed. Now it’s time for ordinary people, now we can become venture investors ourselves and find ways to financial independence. I hope everyone will find something useful in this book or be able to inspire your friends, relatives or loved ones.

In this book, I also want to give some advice that I use myself. I borrowed some of them from other books, some things were taken from personal experience. While some tips may seem rather trivial, maybe they will become an impulse to action for some people.

Certain information in the book (especially about investment) is advisory in nature. And if you read this book, then most likely, you are already adult enough to understand this, and you should be able to make important decisions on your own. I just want to present useful information that helped me a lot. The methods of earnings described here are based on personal experience, and I have tried almost almost all of the proposed types of earnings on my own. How you will use this information is up to you. Think carefully about where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years. Will you continue to work for a penny or will you create a future you have long dreamed of?

“There is power inside us within each of us can afford health and disease, wealth

and poverty, freedom and slavery. All these can drive only us and nobody else.”

R. Bach

II. Some tips

The idea to add useful tips to the book appeared when I began writing my autobiographical novel. I decided to supplement it with earnings recommendations on the Internet, but there was just too much advice and recommendations. Therefore, I preferred to separate them from my autobiography and write a separate book on online earnings. Writing an autobiography had to be postponed. The idea that I can share useful information with people inspired me a lot, and I began to devote all my free time to writing this book.

1. 100 tips for success

I can’t say that I always follow them myself, but I strive for this. And I am sure that success is guaranteed to everyone who will adhere to them. So, let’s go.

1. Avoid incomprehensible and expensive services.

It means that if someone (manager, consultant, bank employee) tries to offer you expensive services, the essence of which is unclear – refuse immediately. Otherwise, the desire not to seem silly will take over you, and you will agree. In the end, you will be at a loss and won’t understand what you paid for. Example: you are a student in your first year of high school and buy a new laptop in the hardware store for $400. At the same time, you are offered to additionally purchase cross-platform MSSQL for Hyper-B replication for $50 (the name is fictional). Of course, you agree, but you have no idea what kind of software it is.

2. Avoid very expensive services.

Any business owner, even small (and I’m not talking about the financial giants), seeks to sell their product or service. For example, I was repeatedly asked to purchase various additional insurance when opening a deposit in the bank. But we do not have to agree, remember that. You can refuse. Do not let them get access to your pocket.

3. Never deny yourself anything.

Of course, not everyone can leave the house and go buy a yacht. But this does not mean that it’s impossible. Set a goal, look for opportunities but do not deny yourself. Otherwise, you will regret it. If you want to go drink a cup of hot espresso or go for a weekend in Paris — go ahead! We only live once, and time flies very quickly.

4. Love life and love to live. Be thankful for all that you have.

If you can walk, see, hear and serve yourself — be grateful for that. Be thankful for a little, and you will get more. Gratitude opens the door to opportunity and allows ideas to find us.

5. Do not think about what others think or say about you.

Other people will always talk and think about us; that’s how people, are arranged. Therefore, if today is a good mood, and you want to wear a yellow T-shirt and green pants, don’t be afraid of hearing the opinions of others. Most people either hate or they’re envious. So, it’s better that they envy your good mood; let others think about why you feel so good.

6. Never make excuses.

Whatever you say, everyone will interpret it in his own way. By making excuses, you just look guilty. And more importantly, do not use other people’s excuses. We are not obliged to explain anything to anyone. Let others live with their doubts in you.

7. Tell yourself the truth about how you feel.

If you do not lie to yourself about your feelings, you will not have to lie to others. It will relieve many problems. Why endure what you don’t like?

8. Tell others the truth about how you feel about them.

This is your life, and only you decide with whom to spend it. And I am not only talking about personal relationships but also about work, school, university, etc. If you love somebody — tell them. If a person is unpleasant to you — try to tell him in the correct manner. You must learn to resist the feelings that can lead to the wrong path.

9. If you want to be rich — you need to become financially literate

Unfortunately, in school, we are not taught many useful things, and nothing can be done about it. We are not told about investments, stocks, funds, exchanges, etc. I believe that school is important, but we could live without it. The same with a college degree. For example, I graduated from a medical academy, spent 8 years of my life on this, and work was a complete disappointment. There were no conditions for working, first-aid medicines sometimes were simply not there, but there was a lot of responsibility. And the salary was only 100 dollars a month. Therefore, financial education is what each of us needs above all in modern conditions.

10. Never take loans and goods with payment by instalments.

Banks and shops are full of advertising about low-interest loans. But, as a rule, very few people notice an almost imperceptible asterisk next to this “low” percentage *. Or they just do not want to notice. Loans are the worst thing you can do to get money. Not only will you have to give the bank/store the lion’s share of the money you earned, but your emotional state is unlikely to be the same. A study was even conducted about this: people who take loans feel unhappier than those who do not take loans. So, it is better to borrow money from a friend (if, of course, you are going to give it away). And even better — to suffer and collect the required amount alone. After all, banks live at the expense of loans and commissions. I prefer to save rather than fill the pockets of those whose pockets are already full. In addition, imagine for a moment that you took a decent loan, but something happens to you. You need to be realistic; sometimes, bad things happen too. And the government, in this case, has its own solution. They create laws according to which all debts are “inherited.“Therefore, think about your relatives, and consider carefully all the pros and cons before taking a loan. And if this is a matter of life and death — read the contract carefully and completely when you make a loan.

11. If you work for money, you give power to an employer. If your money works for you — you have the power and control

We have the right to choose — to become a gear in the mechanism or to control the mechanism ourselves. I think it’s worth at least trying to start your own business. Then you can manage your own life, decide when to go on vacation and where to invest your profits. You say — you need initial capital. Yes, initial capital is really needed. But think: American entrepreneur and restaurateur, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s as an ordinary traveling salesman. At that time, he was 53 years old. Therefore — start with small things.

12. Knowledge is power.

I don’t mean the knowledge that we get in school or university (although the multiplication table and foreign languages are really very important). I mean financial literacy. Imagine that a document in French about the collapse of Corporation X being prepared for tomorrow, whose shares are trading at $500, fell into your hands by chance. If you are a smart person, and you know French — you will go and immediately put a tidy sum on lowering the price of shares of this Corporation X or sell them if you have them in your portfolio. If you have no knowledge, you will throw such a document in the trash although it could make a good profit. And money is power. I’m exaggerating, but you have to understand the point.

13. Do not buy liabilities. Buy assets.

Assets are a business that does not require your presence (not a job!), stocks, bonds, open-ended investment funds, real estate generating income, IOUs, royalties and intellectual property (music, photos, illustrations, books, patents) and other material values (which can be sold profitably). After all, an asset brings luxury items. First, acquire an asset and then — luxury items. You cannot be a slave to money; you need to be its master.

Liabilities (not to be confused with a passive source of income) — this is what takes money out of your pocket (car, house).

And indeed, people buy cars and houses, thinking that they have acquired assets. In fact, they buy liabilities. And the reason for this is the lack of financial education. After all, calculate how much you need to spend on gasoline and car repairs per month. And how much you need to pay for utilities, minor repairs (after all, the house is constantly breaking something), how much you need to pay property taxes…

14. Be smart, and no one will get the better of you.

Remember that an intelligent person will always win the argument; an intelligent person is harder to mislead. Being smart does not mean knowing everything. Sometimes, it is enough to know the techniques of conducting a conversation to be able to recognize the non-verbal signs of the interlocutor. And for this, you need to read the relevant literature.

15. Do not underestimate yourself.

Get used to the fact that you are an irreplaceable and unique person. Modesty, of course, is good, but it should be in moderation. Don’t be afraid to ask more for your product/service. If you don’t value yourself highly, then no one else will do it for you.

16. Do what you think is right in the depths of your heart.

The advice of family and friends is undoubtedly important, but it should always remain only advice. Do not try to please someone. We have one life, and we need to live it the way we want it. What is the point of doing what we don’t like all our life? Besides, whatever you do, you will still be condemned.

17. Do not say “I can not afford it,” say “how can I afford it?”

Indeed, you cannot give up if you are in financial difficulties. It is necessary to look for opportunities and achieve the goals set by any efforts. And it is necessary to learn to achieve everything on our own and not to expect that everything we desire falls from the sky.

18. Invest in your education.

Learn languages, buy a useful book, watch a video lesson, attend lectures, business seminars (by the way, there are many free seminars). Learn to choose the important and prioritize. Start faster. Practice but move slowly.

19. Choose friends and partners carefully.

Unfortunately, now is a time when people will do anything for the sake of money. Therefore, be attentive to your business partners and the environment. In this case, perhaps you need to listen to the advice of relatives. They have more experience in life, and they can recognize the scoundrels better.

Also, try to avoid negative people in your life. Yes, sometimes we all have difficulties, and in such cases, we need support. But there are people who are always unhappy with something, who always have problems and who always complain. So, try to spend less time with such people. We do not need negative energy. In addition, it is desirable to communicate as much as possible with successful and wealthy people. They can teach you a lot. Limit communication with those who will pull you down.

Success can be attracted by becoming better and attuning to the positive.

20. Do not get into debt.

Debts and loans are pits and traps from which it can be very difficult to get out. Learn to cover all your expenses yourself. Get first of all what is really necessary. Paying your latest iPhone by instalments and then only being able to buy bread and water is foolish.

21. Find a hero you would like to be like.

I do not mean Superman or Batman but real successful people. This will be a good incentive for self-development. There will be aspirations and goals which will be easier to achieve.

22. Whenever something is missing, or you need something, first give what you want, and you will be rewarded a hundredfold. This applies to everything: money, love, friendship, etc. I have tested this on myself more than once.

23. Stop doing what doesn’t work.

Look for new things all the time. Study, offer, conduct negotiations, accept offers.

24. Everything good and new will be attacked and criticized. Get ready for it.

Perhaps after reading this book, you will want to share its contents with family or friends. But do not expect they will understand and approve your decision to start. People are afraid of new things, especially things they don’t understand. It is much easier to continue to live in the usual way than try to risk for success.

25. Every day, with every dollar, you decide whether you will be rich, poor or middle class.

The choice is yours — to follow the customary tradition, to enter a university and get a diploma to please your parents or try yourself in something else. Take a chance and open your business and learn to invest. For example, I regret that I spent eight years of my life studying at university. Undoubtedly, these were the best years; I met good guys, made new friends, but learning took about 1/10 part of my life. I spent eight years just to get a piece of paper, which I can just throw in the trash.

26. Communicate more with people.

New acquaintances and communication will only bring benefits. This is a chance to find good friends and learn new useful information. Useful information is new opportunities.

In addition, take the time for family and loved ones. “Tomorrow” for some of them may not come.

27. Look for the positive in everything.

Whatever happens to you, no matter what difficulty you get — appreciate it. While it may be a negative experience, it is an experience. Try to never lose heart and tune in to success in advance. Do not think about the mistakes of the past but concentrate on the success and achievements in the future. What is the point of thinking about failures? Our energy goes where our thoughts go.

28. Get out of where you feel bad.

It was the best decision in my life when I left the hospital, the place where I desired to work. Moreover, I made this decision completely independently. I did not consult with anyone and did not ask for the opinion of others. And I absolutely do not regret it. It was simply impossible to work in those conditions. Some employees of the hospital had never even heard about ethics and deontology. And the idea that I would work for 100—150 dollars per month to the end of my days simply disgusted me.

29. Don’t be afraid to hear “no.”

You will hear this word all the time. But “no” does not mean that everything is bad. You may have been refused collaboration with a company that will go bankrupt a week later. Be strong in spirit. So, this world is arranged. We can’t always get what we want although committing to this is still necessary.

30. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

We are all human, and we all occasionally make mistakes. This is normal. Our mistakes are experience. And there is nothing more valuable than your own negative experience.

31. Every morning, repeat to yourself: today is a wonderful day, and I will succeed.

A positive attitude from the morning will surely bring success. Don’t think about how many difficulties are ahead and how much you have to do today. Be thankful that you woke up this morning and enjoy life.

In addition, such positive affirmations can (and should!) be used in relation to financial success. At least twice a day, repeat to yourself: “I am a rich and successful person. I always have a lot of money.” Affirmation should be short and bright; believe what you say. You’d be surprised, but it works. It costs nothing to try.

32. Always have your opinion.

Be able to say no, and don’t let the crowd impose their point of view on you. It is our own opinion that makes us individuals.

33. Be self-disciplined.

Self-discipline is the connection between goals and their achievement. This is the foundation on which all success is built.

34. Be responsible for your own life.

If you want to achieve more, you need to become responsible.

35. The combination of desire, planning, effort and perseverance can always create a miracle.

So, wish, plan and put in maximum effort. This is the only way to achieve success.

36. Impatience and greed are equally suicidal for success.

10—20% of profit, in the beginning, is already very good. Steve Jobs, too, once started a business in his home garage, and now one stock of the company he created costs more than $200.

37. You are not a plant.

Unlike plants, you can always completely rebuild any sphere of your life. And it begins with your power of choice.

38. Sometimes, it is better to understate than to exaggerate, so that others are surprised by the best result. And even better — do not tell things to others, especially — if you are not asked. Happiness loves silence. Prefer listening.

39. It is better to receive income than salary.

Salary gives us a livelihood, and income makes us rich. When we work for someone, we work for money. We must do everything possible to ensure that the money works for us. Change your thoughts and acquire as many assets as possible that will fill your pockets.

40. Respect the 70/30 principle.

This is a well-known rule: defer 10% of net income, invest 10% and give 10% to charity.

I started charity work not so long ago, but I was surprised at how it affected my income. Remember: give what you want. But the main thing — it must come from the heart.

41. You need to choose — to be the best or settle for little.

By becoming the best, you can achieve the desired success. Settling for less is undoubtedly simpler, but this is not something worth trying.

42. DO NOT pay too much for low-value things. Do not buy unnecessarily.

You and I live in the era of consumerism, when consumerism has become a kind of pernicious addiction, oniomania is developing (an irresistible desire to buy something unnecessarily, for the pleasure of the buying process itself¹). For a person suffering from such an addiction, the goods lose their own significance and become only a symbol of involvement in a certain social group. The idea of possibily achieving social superiority through consumption gives rise in the mind of the buyer to the belief that the purchase act itself can deliver more satisfaction than the product. Human happiness is dependent on the level of consumption; consumption becomes the goal and meaning of life.² Don’t let your happiness depend on purchases. Stay away from it. If necessary — make a shopping list before going to the supermarket in advance.

43. Be observant.

Keep an eye on new technologies, famous people, industry and financial news. Try to sort out this chaos. After all, think: if you knew about Bitcoin, for example, in 2010 and invested at least $1,000 in it, now you would be a cryptomillionaire.

44. Watch TV less and read more.

I mean the news and stupid programs. There are only negative things in the news. And you need only positive and useful information. Read at least 10 pages a day, take it as a habit.

45. To get more, you need to become bigger than you are.

In developing spiritually and acquiring new knowledge and skills, you become more successful than others. Learn a foreign language, and go to a master class. You will see that there is more benefit from this.

46. Learn to hide your needs and show your skills.

No one is interested in knowing about your failures and difficulties. This is the last thing your friends and family want to hear. As for skill, it is better to leave it for later, for a “snack,” to surprise everyone at the right moment.

47. Time is the most valuable asset.

Separate the important from the secondary. Time is more valuable than money. You can make more money, but you won’t have more time. Appreciate every minute.

48. You should not neglect opportunities.

Every day, we have new opportunities. When you read this book, you will have the opportunity to become financially independent. Look for opportunities where others do not see them.

49. You cannot always wait for the right moment; you just need to create it.

After all, there are no keys to happiness, and the door is always open. You just need to find your own and go into it.

50. Making money is the biggest mistake in life.

You need to do what you feel like and have the talent for, and if you succeed in this — you will have the money.

51. Rest as much as you need to recuperate.

Rest is necessary; you can’t do without it. However, without your presence and participation, the business will not be successful.

52. Do not think long. A wrong solution is better than no solution at all.

Long reflections tire. Decisions must be made daily but try not to burden yourself with this.

53. Promise yourself that you will never give up; work as long as necessary.

Go to the end and don’t give up. Put your thoughts in order, and you will see the world in different eyes.

54. Let what you say be just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you know.

People do not need to know everything the same as you. So, let them share useful information with you.

55. Skip lunch if necessary, but don’t miss the book.

Reading is really very important. Books change destinies and change people. Reading 5—10 pages a day will not take too much time.

56. Think of winter in summer. Think about summer all winter. Do everything in your power.

57. Be motivating — encourage other people to act in their own interests. Be a manipulator — encourage people to act in your interests. Be a leader — encourage a person to act in your mutual interests.

58. Do not wish for simple success, wish to be better. Do not wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Do not wish for fewer trials — wish for more wisdom.

59. Compile reports on the work done.

This will eliminate the flaws.

60. Never demand anything.

The main task of the strike is to get more money. But you can’t get rich just by demanding something. Therefore, achieve everything yourself.

61. Pay attention to your friends, family and your surroundings.

Friends and family are very important in our life. Do not forget about them. Try to find time for each of them.

62. Pay attention to culture, language, music, traditions, religion and spirituality.

No one is interested in communicating with an illiterate person. Therefore, it is necessary to develop yourself comprehensively. Find time for spiritual development.

63. You can control the present day, or it will control you. Choose: either you manage affairs, or affairs will manage you.

That is why planning, summing up and analysis of the work done is so important.

64. Success is nothing more than a few simple actions that need to be repeated every day, while failure is just a few mistakes that are repeated every day.

Only perform those actions that collectively lead you to success. Each of us makes mistakes; we are not perfect. But repeated mistakes mean that you do not learn anything.

65. The best motivation is self-motivation.

Achieving goals and success depends on the thoughts in your head. Think about what is waiting for you ahead — it will motivate you not to stop.

66. Every word that hurts us will make us better in the future.

Be able to forgive and forget. Grudges and bitterness are the last feelings that should overwhelm you. Our offenders will sooner or later get what they deserve.

67. If you are not sure about something — it’s better to say, “it seems to me…”.

Otherwise, in case of an error, your credibility will be lost. Once you have lost trust, it can be a daunting task to return.

68. Do not do what you have not been asked for. Do not talk about what you did not ask.

This is perhaps one of the best tips of all. I still sometimes forget about it. And the consequences are usually not the most pleasant.

69. Constantly think about what you want.

In addition, write down on paper all that you want to do and where you want to go. Periodically review this list and add something new to it. Check off completed items. Of course, thoughts alone will not be enough, but this way, you will direct your energy in the right direction.

70. Explain everything clearly and concisely.

The ability to communicate competently is essential for success. Do not take away you and other people’s time.

71. Destroy your internal enemies: laziness, fear, doubt, indifference, indecision, anxiety.

Such qualities will continue to pull you down. So why not start getting rid of them today?

72. Develop punctuality, responsibility and perseverance.

These are the strengths of character that are necessary for each of us. Without them, success is not achieved.

73. Do not be depressed and do not complain — don’t waste your time.

It’s simple: If you do not like the place — go away, If you don’t want to do it — say it. But do not waste time and energy on negative emotions.

74. Keep your own diary.

Plan your day. Write down your thoughts that seem important as well as ideas. One day, they may come in handy.

75. Be strong but not rude; be kind but not weak; be bold but not impudent; be thoughtful but not lazy; be humble but not timid; be proud but not arrogant; with a sense of humor but not stupid.

76. Justice, honesty, patience with people + discipline — the keys to success.

The main thing is not to become too soft. Otherwise, others will start to use it.

77. Every effort will be rewarded beyond all expectations.

So, do not be lazy, give it 200%. If plan “A” did not work, you still have at least 25 letters to try (depending on which alphabet you use).

78. Learn to be generous while you’re still poor.

The more you give, the more life will give you. Do not skimp and do not forget about the 70/30 rule.

79. Be curious.

New information is all yours. But at the same time, care and attentiveness will not interfere.

80. Help those who do things poorly but try to do better and those who succeed and who want to achieve more.

81. Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality.

82. Take advice, not orders; give orders to yourself.

83. Wherever you are, be there.

Pay attention to what you do and the people you communicate with. Focus first on the process and then on the result. Be attentive to the little things.

84. Evaluate your environment by asking yourself three questions: Who am I among? What do these people do for me? What do these people make me do?

And if you find that your environment does not meet expectations — change it.

85. Develop the following qualities: determination, faith, resourcefulness, ingenuity, charisma, sophistication.

86. To solve a problem, ask yourself three questions: What should be done? What can I read about this? Who can I ask about it?

Another popular decision-making method is using Descartes square.

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