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Diamond lady

Бесплатный фрагмент - Diamond lady

Prose in english

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Chapter 1

A white convertible drove slowly past black cars. A graceful woman sat behind the wheel of a white car, she imperceptibly looked at the men sitting in black cars, hoping to meet her idol. Black and white leather jacket underlined its ambiguity. Black and white bag underlined jacket. The white part of the jacket favorably set off her horse tail. The black part of the jacket was wearing black leather trousers.

The smell of perfume burst from her car into the gasoline vapors of the highway. In one of the traffic jams, next to the white car, a black car stopped with a young man at the wheel. The eyes of the two hunters met, and they realized that they had found each other for this spring. Two cars drove on together. Cars like stuck together, it turned out the car-catamaran on the road. The young man and the girl held hands. One car was with the right wheel, and the second with the left. They held their steering wheels and talked at the same time.

The man’s name was Apollo, he opened his spring adventure hunt in a cherry leather jacket and black leather trousers. Dissatisfied cars circled their side. Two hunters met on the freeway, but where is the game? Two cars together drove into the parking lot, as if they were glued together. Agnes and Apollo went out to meet each other. He was half a head taller than her, the size of his torso from waist to head was the same as hers, but his legs were much longer.

They got into their cabriolets, but their cars did not disperse. They drove with one speed, and it is very difficult in a busy spring city, when after winter hibernation all the cars got out. They stopped at another car park, where two cars could arrive at the same time, as if they were not two cars, but a catamaran convertible.

Apollo already knew that he did not want to continue to hunt for a woman from a white car, but he thought he did. He knew one thing and thought another. Agnes thought that this young man did not suit her, but she firmly knew what was appropriate. They again got out of their cars, knowing that they were absolutely suitable for each other in height.

— What do we do? — Apollo asked, playing a ring in front of the eyes of a young girl.

«We’ll leave the cars and go by taxi,» Agnessa replied calmly, showing a large diamond brooch on the lapel of the jacket.

— Leave in different directions? — Apollo specified, never taking his eyes off the diamond brooch.

«To their homes,» the girl unexpectedly angrily replied, wringing a jacket in order to cover up the beauty of an open chest.

Apollo flashed a ring with a diamond, pulling out a cell phone. And here is the game! They again changed their minds about each other and decided that they could continue to hunt for such brilliant stones. Apollo called two taxis. But two taxis stuck together in one… The drivers of the other cars were completely confused, and Apollo laughed nervously. Drivers of other cars stood at four cars and did not know what to do. Apollo called an emergency car, but two cars arrived and stuck together.

Agnes from the trunk of her car took out her shoes with heels, and even with a platform on the sole. Its growth has increased significantly. They walked and laughed. She looked closely at the diamond, but it turned out to be fake. He looked at the brooch and thought it was jewelry.

But the game did not bother them anymore! The sun shone in his eyes, and their growth was the same. They smiled at each other and stuck together in a kiss. How long have they stood, joined by one long kiss? Not at all. The cars were parked in the parking lot, and no one could separate them and evacuate them. No one could disassemble the car for parts, because the one who approached them, he stuck and fell asleep.

A terrible sight was inside the city. The city authorities have decided to make the roof over the cars and protect this strange place from people, birds and animals.

Detective Musin unwittingly looked out the window: it was snowing outside. The snow flew and circled. Graceful snowflakes, dancing in the air, calmly clinging to the long needles of the pines. Sometimes the needles did not hold the snowflakes, and they, falling from the needles, flew to the ground. The young man looked out the window of the house, located next to the jewelry store. Through the snowy shroud was visible entrance to the store, for which he unwittingly watched. People entered and left the store without attracting his attention.

Suddenly he felt a surge of attention to the young lady in a white fur coat with a red long scarf, tied under a collar. The ends of the scarf coincided with the length of the coat. She wore red mittens on her hands, and she was wearing a red pompon on her head. Such a bright girl made him rise from his seat and go out into the street.

In the brick tower, located next to the pine forest, located shop «Silver Hoof». He entered the store. The light of day lamps illuminated small shiny stones on rings and earrings. The girl was standing at the window with gold ornaments. She was uncontrollably attracted to her transparent stones in a gold design. She asked the seller to show the diamond earrings. The crystal edges gleamed on her palm so closely and ghostly that she put them on her earlobe and looked in the mirror.

Transparent edges, shimmering in the light of lamps, caused her a strange feeling that she knows how to find diamonds in this world. She never had diamonds in her house. But when she read about them in books or watched movies with a chase, she always thought she knew before any hero the answer to the question: «Where can I find diamonds?» She loved diamond detectives.

The girl thought for a moment and returned the earrings with small diamonds to the seller. She had enough money for earrings with tourmaline, which reminded her of Rowan berries.

Musin did not doubt that the girl would buy red stones to match the color of the scarf and pom-pom. Soon he again saw the charming creature. He had a burning desire to get to know her again.

Light snow sparkled in the rays of a street lamp. The girl spun on one leg with snowflakes, like an earring in her ear, when she checked whether she was there. Her bright fur coat in snowflakes turned into a sparkling miracle. He took a step toward the girl. She looked at him in surprise. He was wearing a dark short coat with a fluffy checkered scarf around his neck.

«Hello,» said the girl confusedly. — I saw you somewhere! I think I know you.

«Good evening,» the young man smiled. — My name is Apollo. If you saw me, it is not by chance.

— And my name is Agnes! And I invite you to the buns with tea. Buns are very unfashionable pastries, but they are great for mom!

— I will not refuse your invitation. Are you afraid to invite a stranger?

«I have a feeling that we have known each other for a long time,» the girl said slowly.

They entered the nearest entrance, climbed the stairs to the third floor, and stopped in front of a door studded with carnations with large hats. The door was opened by a slender middle-aged woman with a short haircut.

— Mom, meet, this is Apollo! — introduced Agnes young man.

— Nice to meet you! — smiled her mom. — Agnessa, you went to your friend Tatiana, and you came with a young man. How to understand you?

— I left the house, circled among the snowflakes, and Apollo stopped near me. Mom, we will sit in our house and never go anywhere, «the girl replied, completely forgetting about her friend. — Apollo, take off the coat, we will drink tea.

They sat on chairs with curved backs, standing around an oval table covered with a tablecloth with embroidered satin pansies. There was a set of furniture in the room: a polished sideboard with crystal tableware, a wardrobe and a TV on the nightstand.

On a large flat plate lay fresh buns, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Agnes brewed fresh tea in a teapot, from the tip of which hung a metal strainer. Strong tea, she poured into white cups on saucers. Warm and comfortable in the room. On the black and white TV screen skaters flashed.

Just now, Agnessa looked at Apollo. Black thick eyebrows accentuated large brown eyes. Black and cherry-colored wavy hair was brushed back. She always liked such male hairstyles. Straight nose looked nice over large lips, warmed tea…

Apollo looked back at Agnes: dark blond hair was lying on her shoulders, her large gray eyes were shining, a dimple was shining from a smile…

«They don’t look alike,» her mother thought at the time.

— Agnessa, who is our guest? Whose clothes are hanging in the hallway? — asked the man who entered the apartment.

— Dad, meet Apollo.

The man undressed, washed his hands, changed his clothes and entered the room.

— Hello, Apollo! I am the father of Agnes.

— Good evening! Excuse me for the evening invasion, — Apollo shook his hand.

— Look, Apollo, do not offend our Agnes.

«I won’t hurt,» he answered, and pulled his hand over the next bun.

— Mother, let’s do something more serious than these buns. And Apollo will eat with us, but we do not keep vodka. Not allowed. And rarely indulge in beer.

— Yes, and I do not drink. My job requires precision: I am a grinder, «said the guest.

— It’s good that you do not drink. Good workers never drink.

«Apollo, come to my room,» suggested Agnes.

They went into the girl’s room. The door closed behind them.

— Mother, and the guy is good! — exclaimed father Agnes.

— True, father. And I liked this guy. Agnes eyes shine. I feel that with this guy for a long time the novel will be delayed.

In the room of Agnes wallpaper and curtains were conspicuous in white and pinkish tones. It was clean, neat, decent. Apollo sat down in a chair with his hands on the wooden arms. Next to him was an oval coffee table, made of polished wood. On the table lay an embroidered napkin, a crystal flower vase.

«You know, Agnes, you are missing diamonds in your ears,» remarked the young man.

— Apollo, are you kidding? Why do I need diamonds? Me and tourmaline enough! I recently bought these earrings at the Silver Hoof store. I asked the seller to show me the diamond earrings. And involuntarily put them to the earlobe. I looked in the mirror: the diamond edges, shimmering in the rays of light from lamps, made me feel strange that I knew how diamonds could be found in this world.

«Agnessa, do you like diamonds?!» So this is great! I like them too! — Apollo interrupted her with joy. — And tourmalines in your ears look like rowan berries. And I love the brilliance of crystal and diamonds. I love it when the glass is sparkling, «Apollo said dreamily.

— I’ll turn on the music. I have a new record with songs and a turntable with speakers. I already know almost all the songs from her.

— Do you sing songs with records? I never sing along with singers.

— I have huge books with reproductions of paintings. Would you like to see?

— I’ll take a look. With you I can see the reproductions of paintings.

Young people began to turn a large book with reproductions of paintings, which depicted palaces, apartments, interiors, sculptures.

«Agnes, only diamonds will do for you,» Apollo repeated wistfully. He looked at the colorful palaces in the book and at the earrings in Agnes’ ears. Cherry-sized tourmaline shimmered in evening light with a cherry tinge.

— Apollo, tourmaline is safer, but diamonds are great!

— Here, you already understand me. I will give you, Agnes, a diamond set.

«Say the same,» the girl said, closing the book with reproductions of the past.

So they said, confusing «you» and «you», and they were good.

— I have to go, go home far. I was in your area on business, — the young man rose from an armchair.

«I will escort you to the door,» said Agnes, sighing, she did not understand why she had invited a stranger home, but she was firmly convinced that she had already seen him before.

Apollo approached the pilot of a high-altitude helicopter and asked him:

— From what moment does the flight to the top of the mountains begin?

— From the idea of the designer, reproduced on paper. According to the design documentation, the meticulous workers assembled a high mountain helicopter. Now the helicopter is fully ready to fly. Pilots are dressed in new skin, a new type of clothing has been developed for pilots that does not interfere with human movement. We have stocks of food and water for two weeks. The connection is verified.

— Excuse me, but what do the members of the helicopter crew in the Snow Mountains intend to do? What is the purpose of your flight? Apollo asked with perseverance in his voice.

— Rumors say that there is dry ice on Snow Mountain, and we will melt it.

— You left the answer to my question. Mountain uninhabited, without amenities, for recreation is not suitable.

— Yes, I agree, on Earth, any place is better than Snow Mountain.

— Excuse me, but why do you need this top?

— What do you mean why? — the pilot could not stand it. — In the mountains, diamonds were found.

— Isn’t it easier to mine diamonds on earth?

— So on the earth everything is seized, and in the mountains everything will be ours!

— Perhaps, you are really ready for the flight, and there is a reason for the flight. And you are not afraid of the long road, the difficult climatic conditions?

— If only there were no competitors! Mountain diamonds are harder than earth diamonds.

— Who makes you mine diamonds so high in the mountains?

«A woman is forcing me to mine diamonds!»

— It’s like, sorry for curiosity?

— My beloved woman without a large capital does not allow me to come to her, and at least in two weeks, but I will be with her!

«Thank you for the interview,» said Apollo, and with great respect looked around at the new high-altitude helicopter. He knew well that the pilot would remember the last question, and not his question about the purpose of the flight.

Without departing from the helicopter, Apollo called his friend Fedor.

Fedor grinned:

— Take the diamonds when the helicopter returns from the mountains. Do we ourselves to fly to such a height? Apollo, well done, you did a good job.

The helicopter reached the top of the Snowy Mountains, landing was extremely successful. The helicopter team stepped onto the plateau, here everyone’s steps were easier, but it was unusual to breathe. Equipment new design did not prevent to move in the mountains. Gloves on hands allowed to take small objects in hands. The helicopter significantly increased the speed of the top of the mountain.

The navigator shouted happily:

— Dry ice! It shines, and it seems that the snow shines!

Coming closer to the mass of ice, people found that some solid objects glitter. They took in their hands the brilliant stones, which turned out to be the size of a cherry, there were quite a lot of them in the ice captivity.

— How do diamonds hit the ice vein?! — asked the pilot.

«The ice was once water, and diamonds were washed out of the rock sinks,» answered the navigator.

Crew members of a high mountain helicopter found diamonds practically on the surface of the Snowy Mountains. Diamonds had to be removed from the ice. It was probably the highest spike of lava in the distant years of the earth. A flashlight with an exceptionally bright ray lay in the hand of the pilot and obediently shone wherever he was forced to shine. The helicopter crew did not waste time on rest and collected diamonds. At the foot of the mountain they were not waited by the representatives of the Host of the Mountains.

Apollo in his earpiece heard the diamonds mined. He put an eavesdropping device on the helicopter during the conversation. Hardly hit frost by nature, but he did not notice. Breathing intercepted from the cold, he walked toward the wind.

And without visiting other planets, there are always unexpected phenomena where you live. The snow creaked under Apollo’s feet and gleamed. Apollo walked and thought that jewels were best kept out of reach.

«Traveling with a ray of light is sometimes better than with a person,» Apollo thought, wandering with a flashlight behind a pilot’s case. He watched the flashlight beam and came up with a little fairy tale about him.

The beam is silent. The beam of light never bends, but can be refracted when moving from one medium to another. A proud ray of light slid across the freezing water, the polynya did not interfere with it, it could dive into the depths of the water cold.

The snow gleamed from the cold and did not notice the beam walking in the water. The snow sparkled and was proud of its importance, its impenetrable whiteness, that it could not speak to a ray of light. The beam was offended and burned a small hole inside the snow.

For snow, it was a needle prick. Both of them parted, displeased with each other. The ray was lost in the brilliance of snow, it simply was not noticed by anyone.

Then the beam decided to climb into the interior of the laser system, here its strength was so great that when passing through the prism, he left the pancakes. Such pancakes remain from a flat stone flying through the water. That ray liked it. The beam proudly appeared in one of the prisms of the laser system, passed through a ruby.

Lucky Ray went to seek happiness. When a beam of light looked at an ordinary street lamp, I noticed so many rays in it that I decided not to go to them.

The ray realized that at night it is more visible than during the day, and its importance increases dramatically, and during the day there is so much light from the sun that, like a grain of sand in the desert, it is not visible to anyone. Ray liked his importance in dark rooms, in which he was immediately noticeable, he penetrated space in them, like a thread, even though you hang toys on him, and then cut them with scissors with eyes closed.

Yes, a wonderful condition — to be an important ray of light in the dark. Another beam of light noticed that it can double, if reflected from a mirror or water surface. He was amused by his reflection in the mirror, and if he looked straight, he turned into a point that did not suit him.

And the beam continued its journey in space. The beam rolled with the headlamp of the car, illuminating the dark streets, so he drove to the station. Near the station were large trains, in front of them they had locomotives with powerful searchlights that pierced the darkness of the night.

Ray looked at the sky. Stars, how far they are, how to join them? The beam jumped, jumped on the spot and did not reach the stars. He shone a thin string of light, but no one noticed.

I looked at the beam at the distant lights of the city and flew to them, he really wanted light, a lot of light. Let other rays shine there, but he did not like being the only ray in the dark of night.

Ray wanted viewers. He noticed that many rays are covered with glasses and shine sadly and dimly, but they feel calm. The beam hid behind the tinted glass of the car and shone inside the cabin, did not squeeze it, did not notice it. «Interesting,» thought the beam, «then I can hide if I need to.» Suddenly, he noticed that the car, in the glass of which he looked, drove up to the theater. The theater formed small crowds of people and immediately disappeared inside the premises. The beam flew behind the people in the auditorium. The light in the huge chandeliers on the ceiling was extinguished, the hall plunged into dusk. The ray began to flicker on the spot, they began to squint at him, which, they say, shines

Fortunately for him, streams of bright rays descended on the scene from various sides. The lone ray became imperceptible. Viewers watched where the rays of searchlights shone. «So, the rays are smarter than people, since they obediently look in the direction of light,» thought the ray and flew out of the hall.

On the main street a huge number of cars were catching up with their headlights. Ray decided to climb the highest house to be closer to incomprehensible stars. In the vast dark space of the night the city lay lit by streets and sparse windows of houses.

Outside the city darkness thickened. The stars seemed closer. The beam jumped and stayed in place. The snow on the roof of the house gleamed maliciously, he did not strive for the stars, he glistened and that was all.

Ray with the snow was familiar and did not talk with him about who is brighter. There are a lot of snowflakes and without it, and let them gleam in the darkness of night with a gleam of lights. The beam descended to the ground.

A lone passerby stretched out his palm to the beam. Ray did not refuse Apollo’s outstretched hand. A hand pressed a bright flashlight button. Ray hid and fell asleep, he dreamed of gems and diamonds, which are so nice to play with.

The flashlight beam came across a helicopter cabin with people. The darkness of night, cut through by a helicopter and a flashlight beam, came to life. Apollo donned a gas mask, and when the crew members appeared from the cockpit, he enveloped them with a sleeping gas. People will still be needed, but now diamonds were more important to him. He snatched the airtight container out of the hands of the asleep pilot, got into the all-terrain vehicle that approached and was like that.

The people of the Host of the mountains discovered the members of the helicopter’s crew only an hour later and were surprised that they were sleeping, barely leaving the helicopter’s cabin. The owner of the mountains knew that this was the work of the team of Agnes, and was almost certain that diamond walnuts on the top of the Snowy Mountains were not found.

Agnessa and Apollo were sitting on the sun loungers on the wonderful beach. The hot country, located on the southern islands, still lived and breathed. Or was she helped to breathe? Islands sprawled in the warm waves of the ocean. Palm trees waving their heads. Vacationers came to the islands from around the world. Tourists Hot country sunbathed under the sun all year round.

Agnes lay down on the clean sand under the azure sky. She suffered that she was losing another day for finding a diamond the size of a walnut. The figure of the girl acquired a golden tan, and she herself became the object of desire of a beautiful man named Apollo. She decided that she was cool, and came to the islands washed by the fabulous ocean.

Apollo bought a wig instead of a Panama from the sun, so that others would not recognize it.

Fedor, after taking the mountain diamonds to the owner of the mountains, returned home and did not find Agnes. Yes, he did not find the ladies of his heart!

— Oh shit! — he said to the space and asked his mother Agnes on the phone: — Valentina Savelievna, where is Agnes?

— Agnessa in the hot country. She had seen enough of the programs about the last hero and left for the islands under the azure sky.

— Thank! — said Fyodor, and added to himself: — I will arrange a feature in the islands in the suitcase on the islands.

Without thinking twice, Fedor contacted through his channels with the hot country, the sunny land of the planet, and found out that Agnessa had become a tough peasant woman. The azure island of their love was in the center of a string of islands that went from north to south. The islands had golden sandy beaches on one side, and on the other, like city gates, were unsuited.

Fyodor had a thought: to shake her beloved, so that it would be disgusting for her to go without him on the sunny land. Even as a young man, he performed tasks in this part of the planet, and always kept his tentacles on the islands. He decided to make a small tsunami on a small island.

The submarine belonging to the Master of the Mountains was located not far from the coast of the island, divers with a small load periodically emerged from its sealed compartment. The main cargo was located opposite the island, where Agnessa was located.

The work so captured scuba divers that they wanted to make a wave on all the islands. The idea of the owner of the mountains captured entirely, and scuba divers received consent to place the dangerous cargo along the entire length of the island chain.

The excitement of the emerging fun captured the crew of the submarine, which slowly moved along the islands, facilitating the work of scuba divers. All installed underwater bombs were automatically controlled.

When all the dangerous goods were placed along the islands, the crew of the submarine with a clear conscience left the coast from the completed task and moved to a safe distance. It remains for the Boss of the Mountains to press the button and set all the bombs in motion.

Before launching the blast wave, Fyodor decided to look at Agnes again. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the islands, a young girl was lying on the sand with her partner and had a lot of fun — this greatly upset him, he conveyed what he saw to the Boss of the mountains. Agnes, instead of looking for diamonds on which the life of the Master of the Mountains depended, lay on the beach!

Fyodor departed on a submarine and pressed the button on the control panel of the underwater plume of explosives. The submarine abruptly went into the depths of the ocean, although it was so far from the coast, but what the hell is not joking. The first explosion occurred in front of the island where Agnessa rested. Then the chain of explosions passed through the explosives. The underwater kingdom came to life. The plate of the stone ridge moved, a depression hundreds of miles long was formed, in which a giant wave originated. This wave went to the shore all its twenty-meter height.

What happened?

It’s just water, wave. There is no guilty. Wines in the planet, it is in it there was a shift of underwater plates. But who knew that the tsunami will turn out so high quality! One hundred and fifty thousand lives and one girl disappeared in the waves of a warm and sweet ocean. Is that so?

A sensitive Apollo seemed to foresee danger, a couple of minutes before the wave, he took a jeep to Agnes at the airport. And to be honest, he was warned about the danger for the sake of Agnes, on which the immortal life of the Master of the Mountains depended.

Chapter 2

Travelers returned home from the ship for the upcoming ball. The owner of the mountains decided that it was time to present the mountain diamonds to the public at a ball. He thought that Agnes herself should appear in a diamond dress at the ball.

The idea of the Master of the Mountains was carried out by Fyodor, he said to Agnes:

— Agnessa, you need to sew a dress on which diamonds will be attached, very large diamonds. The fabric should be beautiful, but in places of seams it should be torn loosely, the threads should be very thin.

— Why such subtlety in places of seams?

— For safety. The price of your dress will be fabulously huge, it may be necessary to remove it quickly.

— I’m afraid of this dress!

— And that’s not all, go to the best dance group and learn to walk in a dress so that it is not visible how you move your legs! Dress you will sew our seamstress, we do not need extra people to create a dress.

White-golden doors of the banquet hall opened. Numerous sparks shone dazzlingly in the doorway. Agnes smoothly, almost invisibly made a step into the hall. The uncrowned queen beamed with thousands of diamonds scattered over her dress. The diamond train was still at the door, and she had already entered the hall. The gait of the dancer from the famous ensemble, in which she stayed for a few days, has decorated her handsomely.

«Divine Agnes,» came a whisper in the hall.

Golden hair of a silk flock surrounded a beautiful and intelligent face.

— Ltd! — There was an involuntary exclamation of the public.

— Honey, you’re lovely! — the Owner of the mountains exclaimed and continued: — Dear sirs, there is a novelty in front of you, diamonds from the Snowy Mountains!

— Amazing! — exclaimed her friend Tatiana, she had a scarf over her shoulder, covered with diamonds.

She looked wonderful, but in the background of Agnes she was somewhat pale. She was invited to look at the mountain diamonds in the rays of neon light.

The table met the guests with radiance of dishes. Everything on the table was brilliant and white: a table set, opaque glasses with sparkles, white fish, white wine in bottles with silver stickers, snacks, ice cream, cakes — everything looked like snowy peaks of the mountains.

— Honey, everything is easy, everything is for you, Agnes! — said the owner of the mountains.

On the snow-white stage appeared a singer in white shiny clothes.

«Prince Silver,» Fyodor announced.

Behind the singer, two steps away, there was a little singer and she tried her hardest to sing.

«Let her shut up,» said Agnes.

Veteran right there under the elbows removed from the scene. More concert did not interfere with food intake. The singer inserted the words «Agnes» and «The Master of the Mountains» to almost every song to the applause of bored eaters.

Fyodor in a black suit, with a diamond on his tie, jumped to Agness and invited her to dance to the singing singer. They approached the stage and involuntarily eclipsed Prince Silver. Fedor surprisingly well slipped next to the queen of the ball.

White garlands, white balls, white Christmas trees sparkled, but Agnes’ dress of unearthly beauty blinded even more.

The owner of the mountains with a huge chain around his neck, on which hung a plaque with a large black diamond, sat importantly and was pleased with everything that was happening.

He managed to present diamonds from the mountains. He did not care at all that the pilots of the helicopter were left with nothing. It is important that Agnessa shines with diamonds. In moments of triumph, the Master of the Mountains had a desire to love a woman, he already anticipated the night of love with the Queen of the Ball. He found an erotic eclipse. The price of the night — diamond placers.

If the last kings loved ballerinas, the Master of the Mountains decided that the dancer was somewhere nearby, but she is more pleasant than a ballerina and she has slender, but not small, not skinny sizes. Love was dictated by a man. He decided to love or not, and did not accept rejection, he was infinitely not care what a woman wants.

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