Dana's Phoenix

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Part 1

I run in the dark and think of only one thing. I’d like to make it! I’ve got to make it!

I’m breathing loudly. The heart beats so fast and so hard that you can barely hear your steps. I’d like to calm down. It’s dark everywhere. I’m running along the railroad. So it’s all good. I’ll make it and run in the right direction. The air is burning. The cool autumn air seems hot. Just a little more. It’s so empty.

What time is it? Very close. The light is near. It’s cool. And getting calmer.

Dana ran to the first train stop to catch the train. The girl noticed a small bench under a nondescript canopy. My legs were tired, that I would like to sit on it. On the contrary, can be a hundred meters away, you can see the railway building. Maybe a cash register. Inconspicuous station, apparently, some kind of village. There’s no name. At least you can’t see it anywhere. There is a noise of the trees behind. It looks like a forest.

Finally, the shortness of breath has passed. Looking through the darkness of the environment around, she turned her eyes to the shoes. Running shoes seem dirty. I’d like to wipe it, but can’t do it. So she shaked her feet to brush off the dust. She muttered to herself: — Time is not money, time is priceless. There is a man nearby whom Dana did not notice at first, but his face is still difficult to see in the dark. Stranger: I think the concept of «priceless» person will never be able to understand. And it is on my list of endless concepts that the human mind will probably never fully understand. «Infinity» is there and «time» is also Dana: You were not. Have you just emerged from the woods? Stranger: Why. I’ve been waiting for the train for a long time. It’s dark, you didn’t notice. I saw you running. Dana leaned forward, but the face of a stranger is still difficult to examine. He’s hiding it in the shadows.

The girl felt uncomfortable. She also felt a little creepy because of a calm, indifferent voice, so she couldn’t find out how old a stranger is. I do not want to ask something, but to continue the conversation is exciting: — Well, I see, you have thought enough about this topic. For reasons which are not clear to me, I think I understand you. Maybe it’s because of he doesn’t let go of one feeling. I thought I’d missed the train, but actually I’d overtake him while I was running. Understand?

This thought seemed to the girl so strange that she could hardly bring words what she wanted to say to a stranger. A deep muffled voice. It feels like asking a question insecurely.

Stranger: Yes, it’s a strange feeling. Before you said that, I hadn’t felt it. Even more she felt goosebumps ran through the body because of his answer. The strangeness of all that was happening grew, as the pause in the conversation. Dana exclaimed sharply: Where is this train? Stranger: You seemed so afraid to be late that you had more than a time.

The girl’s body shrouded itself. Her legs have crossed, and hands have hugged her torso. And the neck pulls the head to the shoulders. But only the eyes are looking into the distance. The underpass became visible in the fifty meters. The girl noticed him only now. A man came out of there. And despite the darkness, she was able to see his silhouette. He was a guy up to 185cm tall and about 30 years old, as Dana is. Smooth posture, strong body. Seems like he’s got a broad bone and Oval face. The girl seemed cool outside. But the guy was walking right at her in a T-shirt and shorts. There was a sense of attraction. The girl didn’t notice how she involuntarily stood up and took a step towards.

The sound of the train behind her sounded sharply. Dana turned around and saw that the stranger was standing still. Some guy walked by and turned to the woods. Dana never considered it. Everything looks so slowly, that it’s hard to say anything about. Strange feelings are overwhelming and it’s unclear to what to do with them. She wants to panic, but there is no point in it. After all, there is nothing special happens, in fact. At least, it seems so.

Stranger: Dana, we know each other! Dark silhouette with an creepy and calm voice no longer causes fear, so the girl did not understand how she defiantly to answered.

Dana: You’re still standing here! Show up yourself, at least. Anyway, what’s your name? Stranger: Have you seen him too?

Now it’s scary again. What this question means? The sound of the train is approaching. You can’t see it. But he’s already yelling. Wagons without a light rush passed by.

Dana: What does that mean?

Stranger: It means that you really wanted to be on this train, that he’s leaving you at the moment. You have to choose: stay and find out who I am or leave.

Wagons loud pass, one by one. The one thing that she could do is shouting. And to make a choice.

Dana: How am I going to leave?

Stranger: I’m standing near the call button. You may just say «stop» and I’ll do this. You’ll have time to get on the train. There is one thought on Dana’s head in yhe moment: «What does all this mean?». The voice inside suggests that all this could be a lie. And what she have to do next to this person?

Dana: Stop! — she made a decision. It seemed that the monologue in her head lasted forever. The train is slowing down. The wagons passed by one by one, so she couldn’t count it’s number. The penultimate carriage stalled in front of her. The doors were open in front of the girl. She looked around and noticed that the last wagon was dark, as the street around. Goosebumps ran through the skin and the girl quickly ran into the train.

The lighting inside was muted and strange colored.It reminds her when she look at a burning candle made of red wax. She looked around: what if the lamps didn’t shine at all? But it’s a lamp. What an unusual plafonds it have, perhaps it is old. The open compartment was quite noisy. Someone was playing cards, someone was playing musical improvised instruments. Someone even get managed to abstract and was reading a book. Someone was sleeping or maybe just was sitting with his eyes closed, because the specific light directly presses on the eyes.

Dana went forward a little more and decided to sit next to a woman with a child. The girl was about five years old. And she was seemed to be really asleep, unlike her mother, who was solving crossword puzzles. A man and a young man sat opposite. They were a little laughing. The man was joking to his friend. As soon as Dana settled down as the man switched to her: —

Did you run away from love?

Dana was not confused so she answered with a very firm voice:

— Is this a question or a statement?

The man stopped smiling:

— How do you want to accept this offer?

At this moment, the woman next to her took her stopped to solve the crossword puzzles and looked Dana in the eye:

— I’m sorry if my husband offended you. He’s a joker, but he doesn’t give up words in vain. Somehow, he can read people. He can help you. I’ll tell you more, you’re lucky to be our fellow traveler.

The girl was feeling uncomfortable of these words. She examined carefully each member of this family. People were looked pretty decent. But the clothes is not the judgment weapon. The face of the person can tell more. She was most interested in the appearance of a man.

Dana just wanted to look at him as she noticed his piercing look right in her eyes. It scared her. She dropped her eyes down immediately. And than she said in a soft voice,

— No, I didn’t. It’s just all about I’ve been confused about what I’m running.

— Man: Behind the train, from the silhouette or from the shadow?

Dana looked at the man again. She felt a piercing look at her again, instead of answering, which she did not know.

There is some kind of power in this men that makes the girl feel submissive. All of the thoughts are immediately being forgotten. Maybe it’s such a manipulation that the girl agreed to help another stranger for the evening. And something told her that it was worth trying to surrender to this power. She must be in the course, since she got on this train.

His young wife interrupted the inner reflections of the girl again:

— I would meet you again, but I think you will not stay long with us. But you still can talk with my husband. He can help you. Oh, I’ve said that before.

Everyone laughed amicably. It looks like a prank. But Nicholas’s continued to be serious and focused. Dana seems tired of the thought in her head. A sense of intensive flowness was growing, so she was not expecting to reach out to Nicholas:

— I’m Dana.

Nicholas: I know.

A sense of surprise probably helped her to look boldly on the face of a man. He seemed ugly to her, but very charismatic. She like it. There’s some kind of power in him. He got up and went to the end of the carriage and continuing to hold the girl’s hand. Dana followed him silently. They lurked quietly at the door.

Dana: I think everyone here knows my name. I don’t know who I am.

Nicholas just smiled slyly: Everything is fine, Dana. You’ll find out soon enough.

Dana: Does my palm say so? I feel like I’ve got something written on my forehead.

It is not clear to the girl why she is holding hands with a stranger. This moment seemed so strange that she decided to joke. She believed her words seriously, so she even looked at her forehead in the reflection of the window opposite. But she didn’t consider anything. But Nicholas was looking at her palm.

Nicholas: Dana, you’re running away from your emptyness and looking for something that’s going to fill it. But there is no emptiness. It’s a mask that hides a specific pain. Fear is behind it. You got on the right train and into the right wagon.

Dana: Is that wagon right for me?

Nicholas: You need the last one. And we’re already standing at the exit to it.

Dana paused in her thought. She wanted to pull her hand back, but instead she grabbed Nicholas even tighter. Feelings was beating like a fountain. She felt fear, mystery and hopelessness. She looked into the man’s confident eyes. Maybe he was tricky because he was talking riddles or maybe it was as a move in communication with girls. But the power of his gaze sprayed dubious thoughts in her head again. It seemed that she had no choice but to trust him.

Dana: Okay. The girl spoke one word quietly and dropped her eyes down, as if she was not ready to look into the face of the unknown. She turned at the door with a strong intention to go forward first.

Nicholas opened the door and followed Dana. A loud male laughter can be heard. Dana turned back, but it wasn’t Nicholas. The sound came from the last wagon. It’s become a little easier on her soul. They’re laughing, not crying. And the voice was pleasant. She even liked that laughter. Dana began to walk to the front door boldly. She liked this male bassist laughter, it was like a magnet. She opened the door inspiratedly.

The first thing she saw was nothing. She couldn’t hear the laughter. It was dark in the wagon. She could see the frames of the windows. It seems that even the wagon is completely empty without any chairs and shelves. She turned back, but Nicholas wasn’t there either. She could see some little pink point in the distance. There was a bass voice. «Come on, let’s go. Shut the door behind you.

Dana listened silently. A loud voice was heard again. It seemed so cheerful no longer, but rather calm and indifferentcive.

— Go ahead. Closer.

The girl had no choice but to go to the call of the voice. It seemed that he was whispering with each her step, «Bolder, bolder.» Dana was looking for something to grasp. But she couldn’t find anything. She just put her hands forward and waiting for something to stumble. The pink point was seen more and more clearly. There was some strange smell. Something scorched. It looks like dry grass, maybe with some kinds of flowers. She came closer slowly and stumble a warm big hand, which touched her shoulder. The bassist’s voice was a little laughing and she heard «Stop.» A stranger seemed to be standing in front of her at the end of the wagon. She found out that the pink point was the fire from his cigarette.

She couldn’t see anything, just silhouettes. The cigarette seemed to be squeezed by his lips. Dana felled that the man was trying to consider her. She wanted to know who was in front of her. Laughter broke out an air after a few minutes of silence. It was that one that was in the hallway. Sounds loud for her ears:

— Ahha, it’s hard for you to see me because of my dark skin. And you’re beautiful. But only outside, because you are ugly inside. Want a cigarette?

Goosebumps ran through the skin. But it was not out of fear, the girl understood, but because he was right. Then she agreed to take a cigarette. She just whispered, «I want to.» He removed his hand from her shoulder and fire the light. The face of the man became visible for a moment. It was a maimed face. Dark, covered with scars and black spots. The lights faded. The edge of the cigarette touched her lips. It looks like her mouth has unwittingly opened up in surprise. She squeezed cigarettea stronger, but did not smoke it immediately. There was one phrase in her head that was whispered:

— Ugly outside, but what is inside?

She was smoking while she said that. It was even something pleasant. She just pinched the cigarette with two fingers and began to slowly taste it. The saliva became sweet, the mouth became tender. It was a strange feeling.

Darkness only disturbed Dana. Her bright face could be seen as a silhouette. The man watched her every modest and shy action. He took a puff and answered the question in one word:

— Empty.

They continued to stand side by side, watching the pink smoldering points of their cigarettes only.

Dana: I’m empty now, too. What’s my ugliness then?

Man: My emptiness is in freedom, but yours hides the pain. That pain hid love from you.

He pronounced word after word slowly and confidently, so it seemed that the man was indifferent. But now it becomes clear that he is calm. It’s some kind of harmony. He continued to ask questions in the same tone, bringing Dana out of a state of doubt:

— Find a place where love is hidden. What does it look like?

Dana thought a little and whispered again:

— I don’t know.

Man: Love is always with us. We hide it and we open it.

Dana was illuminated by these words and said:

— I think that the place inside me is as dark as here. And my love can be seen with a small pink point, which can neither illuminate this darkness, nor dispel it, nor break through it.

Man: I love being in the dark. You are left alone with your fears in it. When you merge with the darkness, you feel empty. Because there are no fears. That’s how I become free. That’s how the pain goes.

Dana: Sounds so simple. If you could just be free.

The bassist’s laughter was heard again. But now it even makes fun of the girl. It was such a chest’s laughter that charged positive. It was interestingly that each time he broke off his laughter abruptly he became unflappable. It was looked like an actor’s playing. Dane liked it and even attracted it. Each time the tone of indifference became more clear and more pleasant, as it seemed to her. There was something familiar in it.

The pink point in front of the girl moved smoothly downwards. The man picked up a cigarette and talk again:

— The past should be left completely. Any attempt to forget, to change and to run away is a genuine desire to bring it back. But there is no any past, it cannot be so. Otherwise, the natural course of events will be disrupted. The past has no place in the future. It’s not real. And the more you reach for it, the more it slips away. Even if you can get him back a little bit. Remember, that’s not true. This illusion is doomed to failure. Something that must die — will die anyway.

Dana exhales smoke:

— So, the only way out is death?

Man: Yes. And now you’re dying.

Dana expected to hear again the rolling laughter, still hoping it was a joke. After that, she wanted to laugh, but her mouth was pulled. It was so tart and dry inside her throat. She feelt weaker and weaker with each exhalation. It was as if it was not the air and smoke coming out of her lungs, but life in itself. The head became heavy and the body was weightless. Her legs were coughing up. Massive hands picked her up and helped her to lie on the floor. She also saw a pink glowing point in front of her. The stranger froze over her and watched silently. It was getting really dark in her eyes.

Part 2

Uuuuu, aaaaaaa, oooooooooohhhhh.

The vibrating voice was heard nearby. It was like someone was buzzing in her ear. Dana was lying on the grass. Her friend Matthew lied right next to her and apparently was waiting for her to woke up. He was a blond, tall guy. He was as young as Dana was. He didn’t like the big companies of people too. It seemed that they had found each other so they weren’t alone at all. He was someone to talk with.

Dana touched her face to see if she was wearing glasses. Yellow glasses. She had a strange feature. Her eyes weren’t addicted to bright and white lights. There were even tears of it. Most likely, this deviation of vision appeared during school, when it was necessary to write a lot with poor lighting. At least that was what the doctors thought. The girl herself believed that it was psychosomatics. The sun was beyond the horizon. The girl lied on the grass under a hammock. There was a blanket next to her. And her friend, in his own.

Dana: Matthew, I see you lied well.

The girl could be herself only with him. Sometimes they joked with sarcasm. Both of them call their humor experimental. The guy did not think long:

— Yes, I noticed how you were relaxing on the lawn. Are you decided to sleep under the stars or meet the dawn?

Dana: I need to think about it. The condition is like I am still sleeping. What did you do? Well, did you hum there something?

Matthew: I am pretending to be a shaman. I’m Joking. I’m in anticipation. Maybe we’ll meet a real shaman today. It feels like we should visiting there today.

Dana: What do you mean?

Matthew: At the festival.

He looked at Dana fluently. There was a question in his eyes after that. He stood up from the grass and gave his hand to Dana with the same strange look.

Matthew: So, get up. You surprise me from time to time. Both the fact that you don’t remember being in the yard as the fact that we have to go to the festival in half an hour. I’m a little worried about that.

The girl got up. Shake herself. Corrected her hair. Looked around. They were in the backyard garden. Neighbors were not visible. Maybe they were still sleeping. She lives in a small house near the forest, on the outskirts of the town. There were just two small rooms: bedroom, workshop, in addition to the kitchen and bathroom. All rooms were small, but comfortable. Only yellow muffled light could be found in the house in the evening. Despite her eye photophobia, Dana loves sunlight in the house during the day, so only white translucent curtains hang on the windows. The house seemed light and comfortable. Except of the workshop.

There were more order than comfort. Dana had a lot of interests. But her favorite hobby was photography. But her main work was sewing. She liked to sew clothes, imagining that someone will put them on and she will shoot them on camera either on the street or in nature, so who just wanted to take a picture in the photo studio was renting a room for an hour, or even two. On the walls, in her small creative space, were hanged the photos that she liked most. Street pictures, as well as photos from studio. All of the photos were portrait and black and white. The faces could clearly be seen as It’s special lines and mimics, like at first glance.

Each face line tells a lot about a person: character, strengths and weaknesses of the person. Dana has always been attracted to look at people’s faces. Whatever the physique, but the face is the most distinctive part of the body. We are either attracted to or pushed away from the person. Everyone feels that way intuitively while looking at a person in the face — no matter how he is dressed up and how he behaves himself. Somebody said that the eyes are a mirror of the soul.

But it’s just a drop in the ocean. The whole face is the atlas of human life. From wrinkles to moles, from hairline to ear tilt and chin shape. Therefore, Dana considers physiognomy to be the most intimate hobby. But only a few people talk about it. Matthew is the most frequent listener of her reasoning and observations. They entered the house. She invited a friend to wait in the workshop. Then she went to make a fresh coffee for them. Matthew sited comfortably on an old wooden chair, painted white near the sewing table. I had to move the fabric and the sewing machine to settle down comfortably. He likes what Dana does. Beautiful outfits. Without unnecessary details, pretentious inserts. It was more monotonous, with the original cut. A combination of colors and textures. Dana likes, especially, traditional outfits sewed in a modern way. This allows her not to forget about her Ukrainian roots, but also to declare them boldly in modern society.

There was a small locker in the corner, the door was half-opened. That was where her sewing products were stored. It looked tempting and mysterious as in childhood when you found some parent box or box, which kept something dear and valuable. Dana entered the room with a small tray. There were two cups of coffee and a handful of chocolates in it. Delicious things for a friend. There was a rocking chair behind the door. She sited there, sipping fragrant coffee with cinnamon. It often helps her to wake up accompanied by thoughts and ideas.

Dana: I can spend hours looking at these pictures. They inspire me. Sometimes I imagine what kind of dress or suit would fit their faces. If we didn’t rush to the festival, I’d still be sitting here. To see if I’m sleeping or waking up.

Matthew: What is sleep? It seems to me that everything is happening in some parallel universe. Shamans are able to walk through these worlds. Maybe a dream is the same trance to travel the worlds.

Dana: By the way, what will happen at the festival?

Matthew: I don’t know for sure, but it’s ethnic event. Today is the summer solstice. Traditionally it held in Greenstone Park. By the way, if we finished our coffee so it’s time to go.

Dana: Wait for me about fifteen minutes, please. The girl was heading to the bathroom. She was trying to remember last night. And the only thing that came to her mind was a dark silhouette at a stop at the train station. And then there was the wagon where she fainted. In the bathroom, near the mirror hanged one lamp with yellow muffled light only. She took off her glasses and then washed herself and were watching at face of herself for a couple of minutes. She kept her hands under a stream of warm water to make them warm. It is nice to put your palms back to your face. This feeling of heating helps her to catch the moment that she is here and now.

Dana packed up quickly. She wore her favorite dress with embroidery at the collar. The main thing to remember is to grab a bag with a camera. Everything else doesn’t matter. The girl’s clothes was simple. It should be high-quality, simple and marking its beuty. But not defiant. So whatever she was wearing it was pre-designed in her wardrobe. The same style she had to her appearance: it was minimum of makeup and maximum naturalness. Tastefully selected glasses have already solved half the case. Both headed to a small black car, which standed near the yard, were passing for a first the same morning garden. Matt started the car. They were listening quietly beloved band: it was Massive Attack. Dana sited next to him in front. Silently, they went to the festival. It was about half an hour to go. And all this time fear didnt leave Dana. Some kind of premonition of the accident disturbed her. The mood was such as if she did not want to talk, and even more distracted the driver.

The guy watched at her squirming sometimes. The only thing he could do is to get lost in guesswork. After all, she never told him what happened to her yesterday and why she remembered so little. But this quality of character Dana appreciated in Matt. He Didnt get involved until she asked or told him something.

Dana: I had a strange dream, and now I have a strange feeling. I’m afraid.

Matthew: Well, finally.

The guy sighed. Because behaving yourself as if it was right is wrong. Although, the truth is that all is right and fine despite the slightly strange details of the morning.

Matthew: What are you afraid of?

Dana: Death.

Matt: Did you dream about that?

Dana: It seems so. But I’m definitely not sure. I’m not sure even i woke up. And last night. Maybe I dreamed it? And there was nothing to be. Maybe I’m still dreaming. Otherwise, why am I still alive? Now we’re on our way, and I’m afraid it’s going to be over.

Matthew: You know. Sounds really crazy.

The guy wanted to make a joke at first to end this conversation, to change the topic to the simple one. But he realizes that he knows this feeling. Pressing his lips, he withstands a pause. It’s not important what to say, but how.

Dana: Yes, nonsense. Have you ever felt so?

Matthew: One day. I wanted to get rid of my pride and asked the universe to help me. And what I’ve get? Anticipating of death is a wonderful feeling. I knew that I could die at any moment. That I’m just like everyone else. The body can stop breathing, no matter how cool I am. It’s all personal — my illusion, my idea of myself, and death doesn’t matter who you are. Isn’t that great?

Looks like he was amused by his experience. The girl smiled too.

Dana: I think that we are all very mistaken when we are afraid of death and feel sorry for everyone who is close to it. Accepting the fact that it is always there and just waiting for the moment to make a greatest kick to make us love life even more.

Matthew: Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. It’s little scary at first, of course. But what is fear? It is Just emotion, as well as joy, for example. If you will stop your mind you will noticed that it is not even a state of mind. Matthew’s eyes were especially kind at that moment. The girl was watching him closely. How sincerely he shared his personal experience with her.

Dana: I looked into your eyes and the fear disappeared.

Matthew: If you were sitting in silence and thinking about your fear you could screw yourself up well. It would be no longer an emotion, but a state, because you thought and exaggerated for a long time.

Dana: Yes, you’re right. I didn’t want to distract you. And, in the end, you changed my mind.

Matthew: I Hope you are positive?

Dana: I think so. I guess. It feels easier.

The road was quick because of philosophical conversation. Sometimes they was talking about different topics. About absolutely everything. Perhaps those conversations were that thing that turns their relationship into a frank friendship.

Dana forgot about the dream and the train station, which she dreamed of. After all, by the way, they drove nearly him. There were a lot of cars near the Greenstone Park. They were going further, just to find a parking spot. It was a great kind of landscape opened them when they arrived. The park itself was located at the exit of the city, where the spacious hills began. Forest separated those hills from the city. The place itself had power. There was a reason why the Park was called so: there are a mount of large stones in the forest which was not typical for those area. Where would they came from? Especially those one, which were as high as twice human growth. They were covered with moss, overgrown with fern. Only from one place you could consider that the first stone looked like a woman with a baby in her arms, and the second one, at the back, looked like a man, as if he was sitting sternly, guarding with a sword in his hand and leaning a little on stone.

This is known by the locals as make a «wishing for happiness to the family stone». Somebody just comes here to sit at the stones, not giving any importance to this. But it’s still good to be in this park.

Dana and Matthew came to the entrance. Above the gate was hanged a large wooden sign «Welcome to the festival.» Visitors could hear ethno sounds and a lot of funny noisy voices. They entered as soul mates, under the arm. They were glad because they were interested. From the outside it seemed that they were like brother and sister, similar to each other. And if look closely, these were very different two faces. The noses and eyes were just the same. Matthew was a head taller than Dana. No wonder: He was two meters tall. If he was with a hat. Both of them had wavy hair. If you could compare them to some animals, it would be thoroughbred horses.

There were a fair on the field. Here were a lot of manual workers, artisans and else. They selled the author’s clothes, somebody made talismans and mascots, somebody — ethnic musical instruments such as tambourine, vargan, Tibetan bowls, and somewhere, even, knives and axes of their own production could be bought.

Matthew: I think your clothes would fit here, too.

Dana: Maybe… I’ll have to think about it.

Matthew: Yeah, feel it. It’s not so simple for you.

The atmosphere of the holiday seems to be full of mysteries and secrets. Here you can learn something or buy something interesting or important for yourself, Or maybe meet someone you know. A lot of people from different towns come here. There are some familiar faces, but there is no one who could be friend. Maybe it’s because of Dana’s ant socialness. Although many people in this city know her. There is noisy and curious here, so that head is going around. The girl is looking for a place to sit down and to have a drink, at least a cup of tea. When she was looking around, she saw something flashing in the distance. Dana goes straight to the glitter and finds herself next to a small homemade house. There are wrought-iron jewelry for sale. And behind the house are tea places of pillows on a large carpet. All of this is under a canopy, the same homemade and consist of dense colored fabrics. Inside was the pot over the fire hangs. And you can hear the smell of herbs. Such a fragrant tea.

From the shop went a woman, she was tall, with strong body, but not old at all, as it seemed at first. Maybe she is ten years older than Dana. It looks like she is mistress of this whipped-up tearoom. She smiled, confidently clasped his hands on the sides.

Woman: Would you like Tea from a pot?

Dana noticed one feature in the appearance of a woman. White gleams in the outer corners are the same as the gleam of eyes. The ears that have been pulled from the head are slightly bent outwards. But they are not the caplows. The girl whispered to herself» «This extraordinary woman clearly knows something.» The woman’s confidence encouraged her. She Immediately leveled her back and lifted her chin. Then she turned back. She didn’t see Matthew around.

Woman: Don’t worry, have a rest! Come on. Sit down.

Dana: Thank you! I think I’ll try your fragrant tea. The smell is awesome.

They went to the tent and sited opposite each other near the hot pot. The tea service was already standing on a small table. It’s just convenient to have a conversation sitting on pillows

The woman took the ladle and pours tea into the bowls. Rinses and pours to the bottom of the tea table. It was the second time it was poured for drinking.

Dana never drank tea like that. It was interesting to observe movements, sequences. The woman seemed magical to her.

Dana: You’re beautiful. I thought there must be an old lady who knows herb and healing.

It made a woman laughing. Her laughter became louder and louder. Dana did not expect such a reaction so she had to wait a little while the laughter subsided.

Woman: You may call me Tamara, Dana.

Dana: How do you…? But then she was unable to speak. The girl knew that Tamara was not simple woman, after all. Therefore, this surprise’s feeling grew into a sense of satisfaction from their assumptions.

Tamara: What really attracted you?

Dana: Something flashed near your shop.

Tamara squinted her eyes and poured tea into bowls. After that she went to the bench. A minute later she came out with a pendant in his hand. She sited on her seat and leaned forward to Dana.

Tamara: Maybe that thing have called you. It is for you. Dress it up.

The girl bended down and reached out her arm. In her palm was a small bronze gizmo with a suede lace. Through the glasses, she was carefully watching the pendant.

Dana: Is it a bird?

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