Creating global brand

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Usually I start telling about location in the middle and this is only second part of the book, so must be good reason to change tradition.

Any information structuring — the most serious practice for any manager of any rank, said one my professors in Oxford.

Let’s say — I must issue one point of information a week, a book, an essay, blog article, interview in audio \ video formats — well, any.

When we will speak about location, we will speak in reality about how to unite all locations of your company.

By word unite I mean any way of communication that everybody accept — formally accept and formally agree with the source and with the person.

And when you do writing you do it for three reasons: unite your people, make world know about your product, make personal promoting.

Well… location.

How many countries do world has today — the answer for this simple stupid question from elementary school will make your business global.

I remember when I for the first time realized how much leadership has in common with any religion of the modern world!
Sorry for such sentence in such book, but I like this example so and so much, do not be afraid when you also see this.

What I mean by telling this very strange thing in a serious book about international business and international finance?

Well, suddenly I realized that I do not want to know how many countries there are in the modern world… who are they?

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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