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The Split within Elites

To the lad, Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov


Having read this book, you will gain a global view of current world and local events, learn about the well-known world and local politicians, and what clans they are influenced by; understand the logic of cause-and-effect links of events and will be able to get an independent assessment of the role that certain figures play in history; and most importantly, you will understand how the interaction of foreign and home elites lead to make decisions which relates to your life. The conclusions introduced in this book are published on the basis that it should be considered as the author’s personal opinion who has analyzed and built up her own method to understand and evaluate the events on her own personal rating scale based on guesswork, perception, and personal empirical experience. This opinion is not intended to be scientific, veracious or truthful in the first instance, and the author asks to forgive her for any inaccuracies that may occur.

Part I. Pseudoscientific.

$ vs Au-Dollar vs Gold, or Clan identity

Summary — Status quo Ad Present

So, you hear about power groups or power centers that run the world named by politicians, such as the Anglo-Saxons, world government, freemasonry, neocons, financial international, the globalists, the royals, the isolationists, the global predictor, planners, Vatican City, Bilderberg group, the House of Windsor, the black nobility, country elite, Bohemian grove, the Washington consensus, and now also introduced such characters as Anunnaki, reptilians and Nibiru, and it’s pretty foggy after that with this abundance and it’s hard to sort out this chaos.

And now for real, how it works: all of these groups, centers of power, anunnaku and Nibiru are certainly not considered — it’s all fairy tales, and are under the command of two projects for the future development of mankind. Specifically, how is the global financial system going to be arranged, and how is the «capital» going to be denoted — this is the main asset under imperialism characterized by global capital of which we now live. Reassessment of all other resources goes through these assets, it performs standard of value, the equivalent of the exchange — this is the main function of money, there are other functions: for example, money has become a commodity since a certain period of time. Money as a commodity that will be discussed later in the article about FRS. So, if you are aware of these two projects, you can navigate all the political events, and you are able to solve the puzzle of certain events, and you will see how the world comes together, as these projects are quintessence of our time.


The first project is when one dominant currency exists on the planet — it’s the dollar at the moment. This project supports further expansion and dominance in the world. It involves keeping of the status quo. The world financial elite considered a global currency before any other option, such as the «bancor» proposed by John Maynard Keynes.

The second project aims to have five currency zones with five dominant currencies on the planet: the first area is the dollar, it will include USA, Canada, Mexico, the Amero will be created instead of the dollar, NAFTA has agreed to form it; the second zone — the Euro — the European Union, this area is already established; the third area — the ruble — the CIS countries, it is also conventionally defined, the Customs Union is established to form it, the fourth area — Dinar — Arab countries; and the fifth area — the yuan — Asian countries. A short example from this project: for example, the yuan has recently been included in the basket of international currencies — a step towards the formation of the Asian zone, its own, autonomous financial system is built independent from the West. Also, looking ahead, I will say that the single gold Dinar and the Arab zone consequently was created by Gaddafi, and why he was killed by the opposing clan supporting the single currency — the dollar, and preventing the formation of five zones at all costs. The function of forming the Arab zone after Gaddafi is entrusted presumably to the Muslim Brotherhood. However, when Brexit was announced, it might be assumed that the Windsors managed to agree to establish its own independent zone for the pound sterling, that is, the sixth zone. The second project is a multi-currency area-based world, the special thing is the regional currencies will be recalculated through gold.

The two major financial and industrial clan are behind these projects, all the others are adjacent to them — all the centers of power, all the presidents, all politicians and artists, all, up to the last, sorry, showgirl, support these two projects, only the presidents and the highest elite has the sense of purpose, directly — they are on the subject and on the payroll, and all the rest are involved indirectly linked with the powerful by personal relationships, status dependence or resource assets or their life position matches with the ideology promoted by the clans. That is, for example, if a country is banned entering the Eurovision Song Contest, it is the result of clan struggle, the struggle of these two projects.

Names of Clans

For convenience, these two clans will be named in the following way.

The first clan of $ — dollar is Rockefellers, further Rk. It is a code name — they are called globalists, as they hold the dollar as a single world equivalent at all costs. There are the main stages, its dominance was built. Many international institutions were established for it, so almost all national state banks, including the Russian one, are locked into the recalculation of national currencies through the dollar. They are also called moneylenders, because their system involves obtaining the main income from the loan interest rate, and, of course, income of the dollar emission. Some call them ’finintern’ — financial international.

The second clan Au — gold is Rothschild, further Rt. It is also a code name. They promote five zones; they are called isolationists, as they build independent zones; they are also called money changers since the main income is expected from the exchange between these five currencies -conversion. The equivalent will serve as gold; they have accumulated enough and exercise control over the gold fixing — the formation of gold price through five banks under their management, which set gold price every day and now twice a day.

So, the struggle of two projects and two clans can be expressed in the formula:

$ vs Au,

The dollar against Gold,

Dollar versus Gold

Either the dollar will continue to dominate as the main asset of which the rest of humanity’s resources are recalculated through, or gold will be embodied in regional currencies as the main asset, cross-exchange rates and human resources will be recalculated through. In order to carry out their projects, the clans finance certain ideologies to manipulate the human masses and obtaine ’social capital’ — namely, their agents and proteges to be supported by the electorate. Their objectives are hiding behind those ideologies of globalization and power domination.

Clans’ Ideology

The first clan — Rk promotes the ideology of liberalism. Liberalism, which puts personal freedoms above all, as nothing better attracts people after totalitarian

regimes. Pressure is also exerted on other states through liberalism. It is a good tool for accusations of violation of human rights, freedoms allowing to interfere in the internal affairs of countries and establish common interstate norms, which end up with a partial loss of sovereignty of national states and is part of globalization. In short, liberalism is a crowbar for breaking state borders. It has fulfilled its role, its standards are accepted by society — sin is frowned upon, it is now an individual choice. Let’s say, we can accept that every one has his right to do what he wants with his life, but they went even further — the majority should follow the minority and accept contrary values. It is this clan that supports LGBT community and various subcultures, including AUE. If religions establish moral barriers, then liberalism is mechanism these barriers are broken down with in human mind. This is an ideology to bring spiritual effect on people — when people do not have any moral principles, they are easily manipulated. The next stage for the destruction of society and an individual is transhumanism and human upgrade.

The political ideologist of the clan was Zbigniew Brzezinski who validated the tactics of ’controlled chaos’: it is necessary to destroy the old order, after which it will be possible to create a ’new world order’ formulated like ’from chaos to a new order’. Therefore, this clan finances orange revolutions, religious extremism and terrorism, thus creating chaos — both in people’s minds and the political sphere. All this is to maintain the hegemony of the dollar and the power leadership of the clan.

The second clan — Rt made a bet on national patriotism. It helps them to promote their leaders at the regional levels. That is why this clan is currently in a dominant position, as everyone has been fed up with liberal freedoms. Simply put, people and their leaders fancy national ideas more. The ideology and representing the interests of the clan RT — G. Kissinger.

Since Rt creates currency zones on the basis of consolidation, in the form of unions — the European Union, the Customs Union, the NAFTA trade Union, Rk, as mentioned above, is pursuing the opposite policy, a policy of chaos — a managed crisis, creating confrontation in these zones so that the participants of the zones do not get closer, but distance themselves; ethnic, ethnic, interethnic, interreligious and territorial disputes are used for this purpose. In addition to restraining the merger of the five zones, this policy strengthens the dollar, as any instability in the world contributes to the flight of national capital to the dollar.

The policy of organized chaos was applied by Rk, for example, in Yugoslavia. Slobodan Milošević became a victim of inter-clan struggle. Rk needed to have a hot zone in the center of Europe to create instability and prevent European integration and introduction of a single European curency — the creation of one of the currency zones, and drug trafficking in this zone controlled via Kosovo Albanians, also played its role, so the Yugoslav war was unleashed, and Slobodan Milošević was later tortured in prison. This is an example of clan clashes at the interstate geopolitical level. But also within the various countries the clans have fractional wars, for example, Anatoliy Serdyukov was from Rk clan. Rk is aimed at weakening Russia, so it couldn’t become a strong regional player and to engage other former republics into the ruble zone as planned by Rt clan. Serdyukov was successfully destroying the army by the so-called reforms — outsourcing. Rt got rid of him through compromising and put its candidate; this is an example how clans fight for administrative military

resources. And also, the Russian army has been repeteadly used by Rt clan as a counterweight to the NATO army, which is Rk, but we will talk about it later. If someone spread dirt, as it was in the case with A. Serdyukov, Strauss-Kan, Hillary Clinton, for example, these are inter-clan wars. Navalny is another project of one of the clans to conduct compromising wars. He is from Rk, from the liberal clan, in turn, Snowden and Assange are from Rt.

And to understand the balance of power once for all — on a global scale, we will emphasize that both clans have recently formed opposite alliances. Transatlantic trade partnership established by Rk. The goal of the project is to prevent the advancement of the silk road. This project is under the patronage of Rt, and it is required Europe to be in a trade union with the United States. As opposed to this, Rt formed the Eurasian Union, BRICS, thus promoting the silk road to Europe via Central Asia which will enable to establish a new world leader represented by China, which they stand behind. The example of China can be traced the economic preferences of Rt clan that adheres to Keynesianism. George his theory, in my opinion, helped to ’smooth’ to some extent the contradictions of capitalism that helped to survive the crisis at a certain stage We will return to the subject of the capitalist crisis below, and for the moment, about Keynesianism politics. It is interfering in the economy of the country, as you know, it is not pure capitalism with a market economy, but with elements of public administration. He solved this problem by increasing employment in the bureaucratic sphere, hence, for example, complex tax reporting, with a large paper circulation — this is one example of bureaucratic staff and General employment increase. Therefore, the state is engaged in redistribution of income in favor of the population -t he budget receives financial revenues through a progressive scale of income tax. It is up to 70% tax on excess income in France, for example (France is the territory of Rt), and the budget is financing jobs for civil servants. Thus, the capital is redistributed from the rich to the people (masses), it allows to increase the mass demand for consumption, which leads to the «conservation» of capitalist crises. At the same time, the main strategic sectors, such as energy, transport logistics, the army are in state ownership and under the control of the state. What can be seen in China, for example. Hugo Chavez, who was from Rt clan as the main fighter with the dollar and the US, and in fact, he fought with Rk clan. He also adhered to Keynesianism economic policy and called it ’social-oriented capitalism’.

In turn, Rk clan adheres to the economic policy of M. Friedman. It is monetarism, quantitative theory of money and non-interference of the state into the economy.

Gaidar, Chubais, Kudrin, Nabiullina, etc. were prepared following this theory. It is clear, this economic concept is to give out everything into private hands, and the state will lose its influence as it is; the power will go into private hands, what can be seen in Russia — the levers of monetary policy are used, the volume of the money supply is clamped, so that to avoid inflation; in fact, through the ratio of the volume of the turning money supply and the volume of credit debt (internal and external), a debt economy is built, which can not give growth. The postulate about inflation is a direct deception, since inflation can be controlled by other methods: as like during the Stalin’s economy, it will be given below, or by channeling funds to individual industries and projects — for example, there were Ghost towns in China, stimulating growth through the construction industry.

So both clans are building a global world in the framework of their concepts.

The above ’keys’ are given to determine who is acting, under what trend, either under Rk trend, or under Rt trend, through ideology and economic views. These ’keys’ will help you to determine «who is whose», I think that such as A. Makarevich and L. Akhedzhakova do not realise what game they are involved in, what project they are working for, unable to understand who is the initiator and what is the ultimate goal of the projects.

This is the status quo today, and so we move towards the understanding what is the ’matrix’ that governs the world, and you will fully know how its global power is built by the end of the book.

Clans’ Resources

At first, I also adhered to different names related to the clans, not personified on the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, as well as other politics, but when I began to consider their tangible assets, it became very clear the influence of these two dynasties on the formation of both clan groups, the link which goes through various relationships — business, financial, relationship, as well as through elite clubs, which were closed Masonic lodges in the past, and now they are either foundations or semi-closed elite clubs. And I am not a pioneer in the world elite evision into two clans by banking dynasties. This view of the events was upheld by Nicholas Hagger, whom I consider my distant teacher.

When we call the clans Rk and Rt, we mean that they are in conjunction with such persons as the Warburgs, Baruchs, Morgans, Coons, Leibs, Goldmans, Saxons, Dupons, Leymons, Oppenheimer, Harriman, Russell, etc., you can find these names in Committee of 300 by Dr John Coleman. Therefore, the name of the clans named after Rockefeller and Rothschild is rather the name of the covers, which hide no less important, and often more influential characters. But since they are in dialogue with society, through mass media and public funds being under control, and they are partly known, it is more convenient to designate clans by their names. It is also convenient in terms of structuring the historical events they have influenced.

There are some other aspects of the division belonging to the clans, for example, it is believed that Ashkenazi Jews are under Rt and Sephardi Jews are under Rk. So, someone thinks that Obama belongs to Sephardim, and he really was President from Rk clan. Ashkenazi and Sephardim are the ethnic divisions of the Jewish nation. Some doubt that it is not possible to control the whole of society. This book answers this argument. If I was alone, perhaps with some mistakes, can trace the main relationship of the clans, it is not difficult to carry out such a global control for them, because they have huge resources to do so. So, Rockefeller said in one of his interviews that he had four assistants, also they had four assistants. These twenty people monitor all processes for him — both presidential elections and market moves, and control their own assets, this is enough for them to exercise global control. There are «responsible people» in the clans who are responsible for any direction or country. They are usually ’iconic personalities’, for example «looking» for Russia — A. Chubais, from behind of Rk tclan RK and M. Khodorkovsky. from behind of Rt clan.

Below is a clan affiliation of famous people, but you need to realise that the majority is used ’blindly’, as they do not realize their place and their role in the global matrix, and are controlled by the network method, which will be described below.



IBM, Microsoft, Apple

Silicon valley


Tesla Motors SpaceX

Asian concerns



European Council of Jewish communities




General motors

General Electric


energy sphere

Political parties and leaders in the United States:

Democratic party

Republican party

Warren, Buffett, Bill Gates, D. Trump

Prescott and George Bushes, H. Clinton

Jewish national Congress

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Roosevelt

Saudi Arabia

Libya during Gaddafi






The Split within Elites

The confrontation between the clans underlies all major events of the previous century. Gaddafi, Milosevic, Ceausescu, Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Stalin were killed as a result of clan showdowns of global elites, and this list consists of more than one dozen.

We will split all the processes taking place in society and history, both at the geopolitical level and in the internal events of the countries, under the projects described above; they will serve as an algorithm for deciphering clan, closed, political wars.

The division of the world elite into two clans went down in history as a «split of the world elite», the final division occurred after the Jamaican conference in 1976, when the dollar was untied from gold; the world elite was united before than, and it pursues a common goal at present — the creation of a single global world, a single world government — this is called the «New world order». As a result of devision of the elite into two clans, this topic has not been removed from the agenda, but they are considering two paths to this goal through the implementation of these two projects, therefore, it is incorrect to call one clan globalists, and the other one as isolationists, as the supreme goal of both clans is a global world with single world government.

There was competition between the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds since the end of the 19th century within the world elite when FRS was created in 1913, they received an equal number of shares — they clearly divided the world into zones of influence already at that time. But, despite the conflict of interests in the structure of Finance, they have common global projects — the Soviet Union collapsed this way, now they have split Ukraine. When Bilderberg group is mentioned, you should realise that this is a structure where these clans agree upon common goals and responsible persons are appointed for the forthcoming projects; it is not a planning and management body, it is a coodination body to set goals and promote them from the global level to the regional, from macro — to the micro level. We will talk separately just below about closed management, planning structures, as some call them «planners»; and this is not the nonsense about the Bohemian grove or joining the Freemasonry in the coffine, which broadcast conspiracy theorists; they are specifically set by the ruling elite, in order to mislead, to bring this topic to the absurd, and global management — these are three stages of historical development of closed management: pre-masonry, directly masonry and post-masonry today, which is legal and public, institutional network principle of the organization of activities, built in the form of a formal corporation which

includes both closed and open structures, and no conspiracy, everything works on the basis of social laws, the network method which will be proved below.

There are agents in each country representing global elites, from both clans; only their candidates can pass through filters for elections, there is a competition between their representatives for more or less important positions. Clans provide their representatives with competitive advantages, this is financial support and support of influential persons from the respective clan. Candidates’ struggle is a struggle between clans. If there is a leader from the people, he is taken in by a clan — he is engaged by it; if this leader does not want to be under someone’s control, and he protects the people’s interests, he would be just hidden in prison, as, for example with V, Kvachkov, or would be killed as, for example with N. Ceaușescu who led his country out of the financial control of these clans.

Promoted by the clan, the candidate subsequently carries out the interests of the clans but not the people’s interests, not the interests of the public, but of the individuals, tied to the owners of capital. Geopolitical interests, national interests, the interests of society are a follow up echelon, while people is needed as a social resource; this resource is still on the agenda, it has to be considered, this is what ’still’ limits the full power of the elite, but ’this’ will be removed with the «New world order» — it will be the full power of the elite, without taking into consideration public opinion, which will be tightly controlled via chip control and other digital control systems; this is the era of complete «elitism» in the worst sense of the wording, namely, when the civilization benefits are put at the service of a narrow group of people, when there are two levels of consumption — for the elite and for the masses; if this gap was minimal during socialism, then during modern capitalism, which is now not limited by the fight against socialism and can fully show its true nature, the gap in consumption is increased at times, this society is filmed in Elysium. However, as though we would not like, the main contradiction in society is the contradiction between the rich and the poor, between the two levels of consumption, and the higher is the gap between the lower level of consumption and the higher level of consumption, as well as in the quantitative ratio of these two groups, the higher are the contradictions in society, and as you know, this is another approach to social system than described by K. Marx. An example of modern reality is the example of the owner of the IKEA network saying that the present contradiction is not in the conflict between the exploiter and the exploited but in their consumption rate. Ingvar Kamprad estimated by Forbs owned a fortune of 31 billion dollars, but like any pensioner, even living in Switzerland, he wore a worn jacket and the same worn shoes. He went to the market, where he did not hesitate to bargain, drove his Volvo 1993 release — it turns out that the contradictions disappear between the antagonistic classes, if the consumption is equalized. Hence, the main conflict of interests in society lies in the norms of consumption, but not who are the owners of production means. We will certainly return to this issue and analyze it in more detail. In turn, the elite by all means imposes on society a different understanding of reality, other contradictions — the conflict between Islam and Christianity, the conflict between the norms of freedom, national and ethnic conflicts, etc., which are often planned by the global elite in order to manipulate public consciousness and behavior.

Duality of elites, both global and regional

There were those politicians in history who were «both ours and yours» who collaborated with the two clans. They will not do any good, for example, V. Yanukovych tried to sit between two chairs; he was the victim of a coup, just after they had negotiated with China on the construction of ports in the Crimea, which were part of the Silk road, promoted by Rt clan, and then Rk, which Yanukovy came to be the President, gave him a coup to thwart these plans. P. Poroshenko is in Ukraine who is from Rk. The struggle for Crimea is also between these clans — Ukraine is from Rk, and Russia is from Rt. Rt needs Crimea to transfer the state of Israel over there. Israel was created thanks to Rt and the Crimean land have long been regarded for this purpose, and as described by Poltoranin, the project «Crimean California» took place. But the events in Ukraine is a multi-vector project, each clan pursues its own goals. There were also politicians who moved from one clan to another, such as Roosevelt. It is not forgiven, they have been killed. Roosevelt came to power from Rk, but moved to Rt. His path is now repeated by V. Putin. Therefore, there is a large concentration of attention of the world elite to his personality, the part of the world elite tied to the project of Rk can not accept the fact that it was «dumped». Russia is needed for both clans as a geopolitical resource like never before, as Z. Brzezinski stated, «the New world order under U.S. hegemony is created against Russia at the expense of Russia and on fragments of Russia…»

«On fragments of Russia» which was implemented by Yeltsin who was from Rk, — his involvement is easily identified to this clan, as the Russian financial system was reformatted for FRS, via new Constitution, where the state bank acts as an independent structure not controlled by the government, and some call it a branch of FRS, and not without reason. Yeltsin’s Constitution has ’grey areas’: The 3rd article, which calls the people a source of power, but does not define any mechanism for the implementation of this rule — it is a grey area, i.e. it is not acting, it is «blurring the eyes».

The Chechen war was organised by Yeltsin. Chechnya has been under Rt since the Russian-Turkish war which the Caucasian oil fields were given to the development to Rt, that is why the former government of Ichkeria is in London now — the territory of Rt. Yeltsin begins a war against the Chechen Republic on behalf of Rk, which is under the Rt. To have a reason to start wars, militants are trained; extremist forces are financed by Rk for this purpose, the area they have significantly succeeded by supplying weapons to al-Qaeda and ISIS — all these are the Rk structures.

Later, Yeltsin and Rk, put as they thought, the man under their contol — V. Putin, and indeed, it was so during the first presidential terms; it was then he took the assets of Rt, namely put Khodorkovsky into prison, who was their holder, carries out explosions of houses in Moscow — it was necessary to blame the Chechens and start the Second Chechen war, when B. Berezovsky on behalf of Rt had established a truce. The Chechen war was supposed to lead to separate processes — Chechnya should separate first, then Tatarstan, which would prevent the formation of the ruble zone. So we can see how they are fighting for their projects, and ordinary people and soldiers die on the front. Putin eventually strengthened his independence by building a vertical of power, and put financial flows under control, started redistribution of the oil and gas market by creating state corporations; in fact, these are companies with public ownership, not a state Corporation, there is a substitution of concepts. Assets are 51% state owned, but even they have offshore gaskets. The remaining 49% is owned by the hidden beneficiaries, controlled by the two clans.

But back to Putin. Putin began to play an independent game, as his interests did not coincide with the interests of Rk. The main stages of Putin’s departure from Rk positions: the end of the Chechen war, then the war with Georgia, and finally the annexation of Crimea was already under the influence of Rt. Putin’s final decision to change clan affiliation was most likely after when Gaddafi was killed by Rk. Gaddafi carried out the creation of the Golden Dinar, which the Arab zone was intented to unite under the Rt plan. Of course, we should keep in mind oil in this region. So, N. Hagger states in his book «The Syndicate: The Story of the Coming World Government’ that all wars and revolutions happened as the result of the fighting for the resources. But this is only half true, most political events have multi-vector goals, and the main one is the struggle for the financial structure of the world — for a new monetary world, and all the rest are secondary, by no means insignificant. The example with Gaddafi demonstrated that local elites are waste material for the world elite of Rk, and they don’t highly regard local elites.

After Gaddafi’s murder, everyone said that it was a black mark for Putin. He was facing a problem of ensuring his own safety and preservation of capital. He was offered by Rt, I can assume, via Berlusconi, who belongs to Masonic Lodge Propaganda 2 — PI2. Rt guaranteed Putin the security of capital and life on the Asian territory of Singapore or Hong Kong being under their control, this is a territory of Rt. It was there, where V. Geratshenko took a flight who is from RT concernign YUKOS problems. It is obvious that at the moment there is the headquarters of Rt over there.

As for YUKIS, Putin’s subordination from one clan to another was reflected as in a mirror in this story. With the transition to Rt clan, it was necessary to pay a penalty to the RT clan, for YUKOS assets, which was done. Russia shall pay 50 billion dollars to former Yukos shareholders by the decision of the Hague arbitration court. The claim was based on a claim under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), but although the Treaty was signed by Russia, but was not ratified, so Russia did not fall under its jurisdiction, and then it «suddenly» signed an agreement at the preliminary hearing on consent to the case within this ECT. Who gave the go-ahead to a losing agreement? I think there is no need to explain, we have a country manually controlled by one person. What else has Rt clan received recently from our bounty, or rather, from the bounty of V. Putin? The most obvious example is the TORs, the territory of advanced development, deforestation already amounts to millions of hectares. Companies exporting timber are registered in the Virgin Islands and Hong Kong — the territory is under the control of Rt. You can give other examples that characterize the dependence of Putin and the country on Rt, but they are all camouflaged so as not to be so obvious, and then Putin has the opportunity to create the appearance of an independent policy, although many understand that this is not so.

Thus, all countries and their governments are divided into the two camps, under the influence of the two clans and the struggle of their two projects; you can also see that voting in the UN is about the interests of these clans; these clans form military alliances — there are no independent ones, there is only a different degree of dependence. North Korea, which was isolated from the influence of the clans, just fell out of civilization, but since the half — brother Kim Jong — un was recently killed in February 2017, the Korean leader, was put under pressure as there was a threat to the security of his family, so therefore they agreed to negotiate with Rt clan — this was a meeting with D. Trump, who can be identified by financial contacts with banks, which are at the moment in conjunction with Rt — this is just the recent

example how the sovereignty of any country is seized by these clans. But it is not the fact that these negotiations will lead to any result, I wouldn’t be so sure about it.

«Clanover political science’ term

There is no doubt that the geopolitical level of political life is not the highest, there is a closed level of governance over it dominated by supranational clan groups. However, this level is not clearly defined at present in the understanding of political scientists, and we see a discrepancy in the understanding of this issue, some resort to concepts such as «deep state» — but it is also a geopolitical level, resort to the term «conspiracy», «closed management» or conceptual level, try to think logically to determine what is based on this management, which is its «tool».

We will adhere to the «formational» theory of human development by K. Marx. Each formation had its own main asset resource for the distribution of the ruling elite:

— under the community system, the main resource was food, inter-tribal wars were fought for it, the main time of existence was spent on obtaining this asset;

— in the slave-owning system, the main resource is people, this is the main source of income, their physical labor, and man as a commodity;

— in the feudal system, land is the main resource for allocation;

— in the capitalism system, industrial technology and industrial capital are the main resources;

— and finally, imperialism is as the last stage of capitalism by V. Lenin, the main asset is the monopoly of global capital.

Such resource as «energy» progressed through all formations — wood, coal, steam, oil, gas, hydrocarbons, radioactive elements and thermonuclear energy.

Such resource as» technology» also progressed in the course of the historical process, it is divided into five modes (according to S. Glazyev).

Cultural and ideological resource is a spiritual resource. Religious ideology can be referred to it, main one is Christianity in the form of Catholicism and Orthodoxy; Islam is the classic and extremist. Here, we are talking only about those ideologies that are global by nature.

And another resource is the political and economic structure of society with the corresponding ideologies, which are four: monarchism, capitalism, socialism, fascism.

All these are material and spiritual resources, which, progressing, replaced each other, lost or acquired their relevance.

So, the change of asset-resource to distribution led to changing of elites, as new elites are formed near the new asset — knowing this pattern of the historical process, today’s elite, formed near hydrocarbon resources, does not let new technology of obtaining energy from new sources into the world,

because it understands that then a new elite will be formed, that is why an outdoor method of obtaining energy Tesla or a new field of technology for energy are carefully hidden, for example, a lot of scientists working on this topic were killed.

Power as a resource can be administrative-political, spiritual-ideological, psychological, military-power and financial-material.

At the moment, we live in an imperialist formation, and the main resource with it is global capital. The main resource determines the main power — and the financial power becomes the main, more influential than the political power, which is also a resource for distribution. The elite is based on the distribution of basic resources, namely financial and managerial at the closed level of management. This can be called one global resource — «power».

Near the distribution of «power» in the course of their distribution and absorption clan elite groups are formed, which we talk about.

We live under a single capitalist system that can exist only with the expansion of production and markets — this is an extensive method. But since all markets have been absorbed and there is nowhere to expand, trade wars begin — the struggle for markets, so markets are consumer markets, it is also one of the main assets under capitalism. For example, the struggle for the European gas market or the new Silk road project is a struggle for markets. But such an asset as ’people’ — human resources, ended up to be in excess. This is stated by the elite in the works of the club of Rome. Therefore, the elite is systematically working to reduce the population-it is elite fascism.

This is what concerns the assets-resources that clan wars are waged between elite clans, and this clan struggle is going on at all levels — regional, geopolitical and at a higher, closed from the understanding of majority, the presence of which we are trying to justify. We can trace the relevance of assets following the history of wars, so all recent wars are resource wars, when only natural resources are expropriated — only natural resources are taken under control, and the territories and people are unnecessary ballast in this case, the war in Iraq serves as an example.

We will get back to assets when we talk about globalization, as it leads to the concentration of all assets under a single management. The goal of globalization is the concentration of assets in the hands of a narrow elite.

Once again, we live not just in a capitalist society, but in imperialism, where the main asset is monopolistic capital, that is, the power of global capital. Global capital is owned by the global elite. We can draw a parallel — extrapolate that global capital gives global power. Global clans own global capital and, therefore, global power, which does not advertise its presence and its interests — this is the second closed plan, over geopolitical.

If the geopolitical level has the subject of the study is political and economic interests, designated geographically and nationally, then the next level is more global, considers the interests of global capital.

So we come to the understanding that the geopolitical level in politics is not the highest level, above it, there is a higher closed level of struggle of elite clans and their capital for their interests. Let’s call this level CLANNED.

Back in 1997, the Grand Chessboard» by Zbigniew Brzezinski was published which describes the confrontation between the two systems — the civilization of the sea and the civilization of the land, developing the theory of its predecessors, N. Spikman (Rimland) and Mckinder (Heartland), the author of the book «imposes» the vision of the world as a struggle and decision — making based on geopolitical interests, that is, politics tied to the territories, to the interests of the countries-this is another «blurring» the eye, this is the hidden management of society, in order to manipulate and mislead the people. In fact, the meaning of the book encrypted in the title is clear for the initiates — that the world is divided into the control of two elite clans, and the whole world for them is like a chessboard they play their game on. Thus, the chessboard is a geopolitical level, and the players are much higher, and these two players, two clans are Rk and Rt. Most decisions are made in the interests of these two players — the two clans, and the interests of the countries are interpreted in the interests of the clans. This is not geopolitics, and CLANNED policy in the interests of clan groups. The name is made up of» clan «and» over», in English by clanover (author’s term). It is time to introduce this term to refer to a higher closed level of management, and not to use the term «conspiracy», which does not reflect the true goals and motives, but only chaotic consciousness of people.

Thus, one part of society seeks to control the other part of society, not to achieve universal benefits, that is, for all — although this is declared, but in order to obtain benefits for a narrow elite.

So we get two management levels:

1) open-geopolitical level with declared goals,

2) closed level — CLANOVER with true closed goals in the interests of global capital, supranational elites.

Each event has two plans: open-exoteric, and closed-esoteric.

At the open level, the visibility of democracy and the protection of national interests are played out to manipulate the people and the masses — that is why the authors of geopolitical science were so hyped that everyone thought in these categories.

At the closed level, where the true motives of certain power groups and their capitals are indicated, there are no national interests, but the interests of supranational elites, which national elites are built in on puppet terms. Supranational elites own capital in excess of national budgets, these capitals do not have national affiliation, it is a world above.

Thus, Forbes magazine published information on the results of 2010: out of 100 largest economies in the world, 52 are transnational corporations, the rest are states. According to the main economic indicator — the budget — large corporations are superior to many developing countries, and the leaders of these companies, as a rule, do business directly with the heads of state, for these contacts, economic forums are held. This is a different kind of threat to the world, which is not customary to talk about — the dismantling of states in favor of large capital, but we will get back to this topic, because this factor is too serious that allows us not to use the terminology used by official theorists of political science, such as, for example, H. Morgenthau but to assess the situation more harshly and apply the word «clan» rather than «coalitions» or «alliances». This exactly answers to «political realism», the term introduced by Morgenthau, and again it is better to apply the word «realism» — this more accurately reflects the inner spiritual nature of these things. Thus, physical, economic and social diseases are a consequence of spiritual disease, since the spirit is more primary than matter.

In turn CLANOVER policy is designed to examine the formation, structure, influence, and fighting clans and their capitals for the dominant position in the world, operating in the hidden layer.

Using such tools of thinking as induction and deduction, that is, making separate assumptions from the General picture of events oradding up the overall picture from particular cases, thus it is possible to decipher the actions of clan elites at the CLANOVER, closed level, which we will proceed.

Clans’ Headquarters

Rk clan is located in the United States, it is usually believed that the Democratic party is under it, the last election was represented by H. Clinton. Trump was nominated by the Republican party, which is under Rt, but in the last time «everything was in confusion in the Oblonskys’ house», because defectors appeared in the parties, especially heterogeneous Republican party, for example, Trump before changed his preference from 2001 to 2009, he was with the Democrats, but clearly now it is under Rt. Therefore, there were comments on his future activities — he is to collapse the dollar, according to the RT plan, there should be a common Amero, for Canada, Mexico and the United States, and in order to introduce a new one, you need to remove the old one. Trump succeeds, since the economic reforms he announced from the outside are, of course, attractive, but in terms of internal content they come into conflict with each other, which will lead to the inevitable collapse of the financial system built on the issue of the dollar. That is why, the conflict between the US and Russia is deliberately exacerbated by Rt, namely by Trump, its protege. According to their plan, Russia first will be withdrawn from the dollar zone, this is the first phase of reduction of circulation of the dollar, Trump is successfully carried out, and Putin is successfully playing to this — as this is covered by internal chaos and corruption, that he works off in front of Rt clan for the future, his safety, and he, in turn, ensures the well-being of Yeltsin’s family, promised the nomination for the presidency, «the kid said, the kid did.»

We see the exclusive domination of the dollar is under attack by Rt clan on all fronts, the events associated with Saudi Arabia, the murder of the journalist D. Khashoggi, are the beginning of that process. After that the Saudi Arabia was facing charges for September 11, relations with Rk clan have clearly shaken. The second factor is the discrepancy between Rk and

the Saudis. This is building up the production of shale oil in the United States, so they can also refuse to settle in dollars if an agent of another clan comes to power in Saudi Arabia in the person of the Prince — nephew of the current monarch Salman — Mohammed bin Nayef, whom he removed from the inheritance in favor of his son. As you know, Saudi Arabia has played a key role in shaping the dollar’s dominance — they were the first who gave the dollar the oil resistance, when the abolition of the gold standard to the dollar took place at Jamaica conference, the oil was sold only for dollars and created the petrodollar, negotiations with the Saudis were run by G. Kissinger.

So, Rt clan is more successful in hitting the dollar of Rk. And this is due to the fact that they managed to attract local elites to their side, promising them the independence of the zone currencies.

But my opinion is that the «five zones» is an intermediate step and Rt can just change the dollar equivalent of any tied to gold under their control. It is possible that it could be the Euro.

But while all this was being built, humanity was on the threshold of electronic money and chip control, which will not only change the financial structure of mankind, but will change all its «being».

Rt clan was located almost two centuries in Britain, they have always had common projects with the House of Windsor, for example, they jointly control drug trafficking from the former colonies of great Britain, but the processing of raw materials and the transit of drugs partially under Rk clan — Turkey and Kosovo Albanians — spheres of influence and markets are also divided between Rk and Rt clans. Here I would like to note that the murder of Princess Diana may be due to her awareness on this topic, but it is of little interest to us, it is a family showdown of the Windsors but our introduction of a Limited contingent in Afghanistan was carried out according to Rt plan. It worked with Yu. Andropov. Lyndon LaRouche was announced that Andropov had contacts with MI6, represented by their agent. Andropov misinformed our government on Afghanistan, which led to the decision to send troops to Afghanistan. Rt needed to regain control over Afghan opium after they lost it during the April revolution in 1978, and therefore in 1979, introduce a Limited contingent of Soviet troops. So Rt has restored its control over the opium, and paid for it with the blood of Soviet guys. It was also a multi-vector project, the second task of which was to open Russia to the import of drugs for the purpose of marketing expansion of the sales area. So Russia was hooked on drugs, this was already helped by the protege of Andropov, Gorbachev, both of them worked for their owners of Rt.

The USSR initially had influence these two clans.

Lenin and Trotsky were from Rk, they received the assistance in the form of financing and the press of ideological literature. The provisional government, the White army with Kolchak were under Rt, their connection with Britain have been proved.

Stalin tried to play the third force in the confrontation of these clans, and when he almost succeeded, he was poisoned on the instructions of the clans — which one, it is difficult to say, both were interested in this, but it is likely that it was Rt, as Stalin was the organizer of the strikes planned by Rockefeller against the Rothschilds in Baku in 1904. After Stalin,

our leadership has lost a global understanding of the balance of power in the world elite. Khrushchev was manipulated by both clans, on both sides. For example, he transferred the foreign trade of the USSR in dollars, it is difficult to imagine how he secured this advantage of the dollar as it increased the demand, trafficking in and circulation of, perhaps, no leader has given such a handicap to their opponents. Or, for example, the Caribbean crisis, where Khrushchev worked on the side of Rt. Cuba was under Batista under Rk, and to intercept there governance, Rt prepared revolutionaries, which committed coup. Thus Rt was able to establish a trade triangle for oil, namely, when Venezuelan oil was supplied to Cuba and was offset as Russian and Cuba was calculated with Russia for Venezuelan oil, all were in one pocket at Rothschild and Co (his clan) — so it was carried out savings on transportation, and the capture of the oil market of Cuba, as before that there was supplied oil from the United States by Rockefeller. It was because of Khrushchev’s misunderstanding of the balance of power in the world elite that he soon found himself out of work. These are examples of closed management-CLANOVER political science. When one declared goal is geopolitical, but in reality clan redistribution of resources on CLANOVER level is carried out. Then Brezhnev was also not in the subject, when he was recruited A. Yakovlev, he was from the Rk, and Yu. Andropov ruled — he from Rt. That is, in Yakovlev’s cluster, who from Rk, and Andropov, which from Rt, was the beginning of the collapse of the USSR, they knew the weaknesses and took advantage of them. Then Gorbachev was from Rt. Rk seized power from Gorbachev during the GKCHP, with the help of Boris Yeltsin, G. Popov, Yu. Luzhkov.

So, Yeltsin was from Rk, as opposed to the opposite clan of Rt — E. Primakov, A. Lebed, A. Rutskoy

But back to the location of Rt clan, which since the end of the XX century moved from London to China, so there begins an economic miracle based on the investment of Rt, and up today they are based there, where they have concentrated their gold reserves moving China to world leaders. Almost simultaneously, the move of the Rothschilds coincides with the collapse of the British pound in 1992, so Britain, in turn, was punished by Rk clan for joining the Eurozone under the Rt plan. George Soros made the collapse of the British pound on Rockefeller’s money, for this purpose 10 billion dollars was involve, it is such a «spanking» for Britain. I give this example, because now there are those who say that everything is controlled by London, but the real players are not in any country-it’s all categories of geopolitical, real puppeteers at the CLANOVER level, who carry out «world over» — global rule.

The fate of regional elites and the dismantling of the states

The theory of elite G. Mask, V. Pareto develops the theme of social Darwinism, namely that the laws of nature, natural selection are extrapolated — transferred to social society, which inevitably leads to the formation of the elites — the strongest. But there is one significant difference from nature, is that in nature there is a constant rotation — the strong becomes weak and its place is occupied by a new strongest, according to the theory of elites is the circulation of elites, but in human society the elite transmits its elitism by inheritance (in one formation, before the change of assets to distribution), which was under the monarchy and that continues under the imaginary democracy. And this leads to the fact that the system of elites turns into a closed system. And in a closed system, there are very different laws, in particular the second law of thermodynamics, which states that in a closed system only entropy-disorder can grow which occurred in the middle of the XX century, when there was a split of the world elite into two clans, for the same reason, the USSR broke up —

you can call it the decay of the elites. Now this process is happening in the Russian elite, and from the fact that» the deck is hanging out», nothing changes, the system is closed, there are no social elevators, there is no competition, where the strongest wins, there is no natural selection, there is no renewal of elites.

It is possible to solve this question or updating of elites — what Putin hesitates as his power is built on an oligarchic dominating vertical, the principles of its functioning are based on totalitarian corruption. The second way is to attract new resources to the closed system from the external environment, in other words, the expansion of the elite, this is an «imaginary update», however, it temporarily allows to remove internal contradictions. But to create new additional elites, it is necessary to look for sources of its contents. This is why social spending is being cut — pension reform, tax burden increase, etc.

What will happen to local elites in the future with the growth of globalization?

According to the plan of Rt, local elites will be partially integrated into the vertical of world governance, this is the Institute of «vicegerency».

But according to the plan of Rk, those who will not enter into the Giving Pledge by Gates that is, not voluntarily give 80—90% of their wealth, and from local Russian elites, V. Potanin and K. Ilyumzhinov said, from the world elite made a loud statement about it was made by M. Zuckerberg, D. Lucas, M. Bloomberg, T. Turner, R. Branson, Elon Musk. This money goes to the clan «Dorm», this site was created givingpledge.org where they register their intentions, at the moment 183 billionaires have taken the oath.

This is called «buy an entrance ticket to the world elite», this should be done by «young capital», who will not do this, are written off, which we see in relation to the Russian elite, how their capitals are being cut off: R. Abramovich, D. Rybolovlev, Karimov, etc. The Roman principle of «sponge» was applied to the local elites, that is, they were given «to absorb» the resources of the country, now they are «squeezed out». According to the reaction of the Russian elite, it is clear that they do not «catch up» to the full, in what games are played and that the rules for these games are written behind the scenes, at the CLANOVER level. Although, obviously, sobering up comes.

Local Russian elites will inevitably be reduced, as there will not be enough resources for all. Previously accumulated resources were wasted, and new ones will not be able to accumulate from 1.7% of world GDP, besides high-tech production, where there is a high surplus value, is not in the country.

Recently, however, a new resource for distribution has appeared. This is the dismantling of the state by transferring the functions of the state to the sphere of services and the transfer of these public services under the control of affiliated private companies, that is, the collection of taxes, pensions, the supply of the army, medical care will no longer be carried out by the state, but by organizations with the state ownership — this is the process of corporatization of the state. This local management resource will be left to local elites, then these quazi-state companies will be integrated into international TNCs. So it turns out that we are run by TNCs — transnational corporations. The state will only exist formally, and is likely to serve as a judicial and punitive authority in the service of TNCs, and to carry out small local administration.

Here are examples.

For example, the state system of collecting a tax for copyright («the law on blanks») is transferred to the structure, which includes individuals, it turns out that the state is no longer independent in some areas, does not monopolize management, and it has co-founders, there are shareholders, but still in some segments of the economy, this process is at the beginning. So, we determine that globalization is moving towards the formation of States in the form of joint — stock companies-corporations. Whe such system is built at the state level, these affiliated companies with pubic ownership plan to integrate into the global system, that is, they will be centralized by segments of the economy of different States under the global operator — TNC, a transnational company, for which a single global legal framework and unified management systems through electronic platforms are created. For example, the Plato system — first it is a public system with an affiliated private company, and then through a single electronic system, it will be integrated into the international tax collection system. Thus, two taxes have already been withdrawn from state control to partially private management. Now they are preparing the third tax, on the labeling of goods via A. Usmanov under partial control. Such as A. Usmanov, Rotenberg, thet are the people who were delegated by the globe elite to carry out these processes at the regional level, they are «governors» of the global elites.

The reason for the integration of these quazi — state subjects of the state economy into the international economic system is simple, they have cross-border movement-and copyrights, and international transportation, and goods with labeling, that is why they begin the process of corporatization.

It should be understood that this is a completely different architecture of the world order, a completely different level of governance, where the state as a governing body loses its full power, becomes a puppet in the service of TNCs. The world is changing globally, literally before our eyes, we are creating states-corporations, and in the future, a single world Corporation, managed by the world government, it is a new world order with a single management system, under a single world — Mondial government.

Another example for a convincing argument, based on the example of the structure «Yandex-taxi». And by the way, G. Gref is a member of the Board of Directors of Yandex. This is evidence that the domestic ruling elite is embedded in the world, not only through accumulated financial capital or real estate, but also through a presence in global companies, as well as A. Chubais is a member of the Board of Directors of JP Morgan Chase — one of the main assets of Rockefellers.

«Yandex-taxi» is an example of globalization and an example of how a single world leader is formed in a particular area, which covers all floors of the global presence: on urban, zonal, state levels, and governance comes directly from one global center. According to this scheme, a supranational economic dominance is built in any niche of the economic market, with this scheme, the middle layer is reduced, as more and more economic space and markets are captured by global companies, which we see on the example of Yandex-taxi — this area is practically globalized, there are no small private entrepreneurs engaged in the transportation. Or, for example, what is the demolition of kiosks and small markets in Moscow? This redistribution

of consumer demand in favor of retail chains, usually global. So the middle layer is losing economic space, which is being formatted more and more under global operators.

So, the formation goes of a two-level society, not only in terms of information, but also in terms of economic and social division — where there is a world elite, with elite knowledge and elite consumption, with subordinate local elites and the masses under the control of this governorship.

This world was shown in Russian film «kin-DZA-DZA» and in Hollywood «Elysium», «Time», «The Handmaid’s tale.» These films are designed to impose a psychological matrix. The fact is that the human psyche is «mobile» and easily transformed, accepts these attitudes as inevitable, which leads to the subsequent voluntary acceptance of neo-slavery. The subconscious has already formed the acceptance of such a future, so we are faced with social apathy and conformism, and this is really a very serious problem.

One of the most important stages in building elite governance is building a global electronic system, with a single legislative framework — for a single global social control, so huge funds are allocated for the transfer of all state structures to electronic programs — all social and state services will be under a single operator, first it is a state operator, then built into a supranational one. As you know, in our country, Dmitry Medvedev is responsible for the technical implementation of digital technologies from the world elite. And the field of Finance transfer to global operators through a single electronic platform is provided by G. Gref. For example, clinics are already working on electronic platforms that are compatible with global ones. The financial statements are also presented to a single international standard. SNILS, INN all are elements of a unified system, which in the future will be combined into a single electronic system, a single computer, which is based in Brussels — the so-called «beast», so preparing a single, unified space, with the puppet of the Governor-ruled governments and manipulated the masses, this neotechnical.

In addition to the erasure of the economic boundaries of states described above, national identities are being erased. Thus, the European migration crisis, arranged by Rk, is directly related to the statements of Jacques Attali, Sephardic by origin, who is from Rk, that «the problem of crises is that the markets are already global, and the governments are national, global markets require global control.» This is also «putting a blind eye», the elite imposes globalization in order to seize control of resources, while the nature of crises is quite different, crises arise because of the main contradiction of capitalism — the concentration of capital in the hands of a narrow elite, which does not allow to increase consumption, and this hinders the economy, but we will get back to this issue below. Another saying by Jacques Attali: «The concept of „nation“ will be an echo of the past realities.» So everything is done to lose national identities. Global capital has no national affiliation, so elites have no national attachment — it is cosmopolitanism. National feelings, what national sovereignty is based on, are a barrier to the power of global capital. The European migration crisis is a mechanism for erasing national identities, and this mechanism will be used to destroy national feelings in other regions, and this creates a new social class — the precariat.

The precariat is one of the lowest strata of human society, it is the migrating population in search of work — labor migration, it is created by the fact that countries are driven into financial Kabbalah, they are forced to give most of the budget to repay debts — this is the first lever of influence, economic crises lead to the reduction of jobs — this is the second lever of influence, war and destruction of countries lead to the fact that the population is forced to migrate in search of work to provide vital things, this is a question of survival.

Clan Identity of the Russian Elite

But now about the political situation in Russia. All appointments to important positions occur only on the basis of clan affiliation, on the principle of personal loyalty, and not on the principle of evaluation of professional data — therefore, the decline is in everything, ordinary people can not lead the country to high achievements. The tandem of Putin and Medvedev is a balance between the clans of Rk and Rk — the balance of power, and Putin’s role is not the role of taking apart these clans, as we are trying to present propaganda, this role was not even with Stalin. We can determine their dependence on clans for decisions in favor of a project. The involvement of officials, politicians, intellectuals in clans can be identified by the presence of financial dependence on clan resources, status dependence or the presence of joint assets. At the moment the balance of power in Russia is the following: The government of Medvedev, the Central Bank, Sberbank are under Rk and Yeltsin family clan is with them, oligarchs of perestroika time — a liberal clan under Rk.

President, army, special services and most state corporations, as well as the investigative committee are under Rt. Of course, this General alignment of forces, the presence of agents of both clans are in all the structures. This dual power — we see duumvirate constantly when decrees of the President aren’t carried out and the government makes the steps, in the opposite direction. Because they are under different external elite clans that set different goals for them, and they are not free to make independent decisions. It is customary to define relations between clans as a system of checks and balances, when the division of competencies and mutual control is carried out.

In Russia, as in any country, there is a ruling clan and an opposition one. If the ruling is under RT, then the opposition is under Rk. In addition, each clan prepares more spare leaders for all popular social, economic, ideological preferences — monarchism, communism, fascism, liberalism. Given example. So the monarchical theme was partly promoted by B. Nemtsov on behalf of Rk — as you know, he headed the Commission on the Royal remains and signed a conclusion about their authenticity, even earlier A. Sobchak issued a certificate of death of Nicholas II allegedly heir to the Royal family — Maria Vladimirovna Hohenzollern. Monarchical subject is also promoted by N. Poklonskaya but on behalf of Rt. The Russian Orthodox Church, as we know, does not recognize the remnants. This is an example of the ideology of monarchism. So for all four ideological directions have representatives from both clans, they will be used, and their hard to promote controlled by the clans and media, and within countries, from one foreign leaders of the clan are together in the same struggle — A. Potanin and K. Sobchak from Rk, in global terms, they work for one supranational clan, and at the regional level they are rivals for leadership in the opposition.

Political Techniques

Political technologies are ways and methods of influencing people to change their political behavior.


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