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2825 or fate

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I am very pleased that you have chosen to read this particular book. Believe me, my dear friend, you have chosen it not by chance. I believe that it will be a great opportunity for you to look at life differently and to believe that EVERYTHING is possible in life.

There comes a time in a person’s life when it seems — enough, I am done; I cannot live this life anymore. I cannot stand the things that I do not like, I cannot want something that does not come true, I cannot go the way, which is impossible to reach, in fact — I can nothing, no more strength, I am sick and tired. At that point, each of us wants to stop, stand still, and never again do anything, let it flow. Well, because what you are doing brings no result, you stop doing — the same thing, what is the point to continue doing something and to strive for something?

The thoughts immediately appear: Why do I live? What do I try for? Who needs it? Anyway, no one appreciates. Besides, it’s hard to sort yourself out, the news afflict one after the other: there is a mess again with prices in stores; the increased taxes; the management has changed again, and so on. As soon as you start thinking about it, then a picture of your life becomes not that colorful. A period of hopelessness and frustration both in yourself and life in general comes. Exactly at this moment, a Higher Power appears to inspire our faith and give us a chance. THEY came to help us to understand our true desires of the soul. Show us that it is never too late to start living differently. Start changing a perspective on life, which will help not only to revive the personality, but also to stay under constant protection, feeling the joy of favorite business.

Chance — it is an opportunity, but we do not always understand it until the end. We do not know what this opportunity can bring us, but we always have the right of choice, namely to use or ignore it. When a person ignores a chance, you can imagine what he then remains with. But if a person consciously begins to understand that it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity, it means that he begins to open sort of invisible doors in the future which he had been so long dreaming and thinking of.

Dear reader, I think you understand what if I would not have used the chance once in my life, and would have stayed with the old beliefs and then you would not ever read this book. At that time, as it might happen to you now, many things were at first unclear to me, but I deeply wanted changes and I was very keen to have a better life.


I express my sincere love for my family and friends!

I express special gratitude to the leadership of the CBA Canarias Basketball Academy for goodwill and understanding.

I give infinite and boundless gratitude to all my loyal and kind friends of the visible and invisible world!

I am grateful to fate that all the questions get answers, and for excellent opportunity to tell my true story.

The desire and the dream since childhood

I was born in a family where the father often drank. During the last years before his death he didn’t work and my mother had to work at two jobs, carrying the whole family on her shoulders. I remember when my father wanted to drink, he became irritable and often shouted and insulted me and my elder sister. I recall when I was childishly fooling around and did not obey, my father did not touch me that much, but my elder sister often became the receptacle of his rage. When he was quite drunk, he became aggressive and was always looking for a reason to punish and beat my elder sister. Perhaps that is why she has had an anger and offense at me since our childhood, which left a bad mark in her memory and even in the future, sometimes reminded her of it. I’ve always loved my elder sister, even though she was strict with me. She always took me with her when she went out for a walk with her peers. So I grew up in the circle of her adult friends. It was always interesting to imagine myself an adult. I remember clearly how I put my mother’s high heels on, and made a show in front of my doll.

Growing up, I went to school. Studies then became for me something new and yet unknown world to me. I loved to learn. Ever since young age, I remember always being a big dreamer, I believed in fairy tales and miracles, probably due to that they always happened with me.

One summer, walking with friends in the park, we were dreaming about how to become rich and happy. I remember how one of my friend said:

— If I was given a thousand dollars, I would be happy.

Another friend said:

— What is the thousand?! — It is absolutely nothing for me. If ten or twenty thousand, then I would be in the seventh heaven.

I remember I answered without hesitation:

— I want to have a hundred thousand, no more and no less.

At that time it seemed to me that this money will be enough to build a happiness for myself.

So with little girls walking and talking on the avenue, we were quite seriously imagining to become rich. My friends started to imagine the number of different dresses and fashionable shoes they will be able to buy, but without telling anyone I was dreaming of the house with beautiful furniture and a car.

On that day, the weather was dry and hot, and suddenly out of nowhere, the clouds came and summer pouring rain started. We immediately rushed into the yard. I remember how, in the yard, we quickly took off our shoes, and began to run barefoot through the puddles. Running barefoot, we were singing together in one voice:

“Rain, rain water, let our crops grow, rain, pouring rain, water our crops…”

So having fun, we did not notice how the rain stopped and the sun came out from behind the clouds. Suddenly, I was the first to look up, I saw hanging right over us the hugest Rainbow. I have never seen such a huge Rainbow in my life. All I could say at that moment, was just a loud shout: Look — Rainbow — Rainbow — Look, Rainbow!!! I had so much joy in that I was breathless with delight. At that moment, I felt for a while like the happiest person on Earth!

Then I was about 9 years old and I did not know that being an adult I will often remember about the Rainbow from my childhood. I also did not know that these memories will help me to cope with the trials of fate and at the same time still had no idea that my Guardian Angel has the name — Rainbow. I learned it much later, when I read and calculated by the date of my birth my Heavenly patron. This heavenly Guardian Angel was sent to inspire my creativity, to bring light and knowledge to people. Of course, I had no idea that when a person immediately after the rain suddenly see the Rainbow, it is considered to be the most powerful sign of the Higher powers, and this is a sign of omen be a happy person on the Earth.

My family and I lived in an apartment that was very modest, one might even say poor. There was old furniture in the house and instead of carpets were narrow bed floor mats, made of colored scraps of cloth. When my friends wanted to come to visit me, I tried in every way to make excuses not to let them in. There was a big old wardrobe in the room, where I was doing the homework. The door of the wardrobe for a while became a great school board for me. I remember leaving the school, I secretly took a piece of chalk at the blackboard behind. At home, I fulfilled my homework on the wardrobe door, and at the same time imagined myself as a teacher. Before the arrival of my mother, I always tried to carefully wipe the wardrobe door, but I have never been able to do it thoroughly. My mother always scolded me for damaging the furniture.

Over time, perhaps she was tired of scolding me, and then one day she brought me a small freshly painted board, just like the school one. I was so happy about it at that time that even it was much more important to me than presented new doll. I was the only one-legged doll, and she was my student. One day, her name was Marina, and she was an excellent student, and the other day I called her Olya and she was poorly studying and not listening to me, so I had to punish her for unfulfilled homework. When performing a speech before the board, I never felt lonely. I remember it was a feeling that someone else was present there and always watching me. I remember sometimes seemed like a seemingly empty room was a whole class of students, who have always listened to me attentively. Therefore, I often talked to myself and did not feel any discomfort. I remember one day, my mother asked me:

— Lena, whom you are talking all the time with?

— With them, — I replied.

— With whom, with them? — My mother asked with astonishment.

— Well, with those who can hear me, — I replied.

— Daughter, and who can hear you? — Continuing to be interested, my mom asked.

— I do not know their names, but they are very kind, — I replied.

So, I imagined myself as a teacher. Sometimes I was getting so deep into role, so that even did not notice, as time went by.

Once in the 3rd class, the teacher gave the whole class assignment to write a little essay on any topic.

In my essay, I came up with a magical land, where a rainbow was and the sun shone brightly. In this magical land there has always been a joy, and a kind Magician and his assistants lived in it. This kind Magician saw that outside of this country the miserable teacher lived, who cried all the time. He wanted to teach his students to be kind, honest, intelligent and obedient. The children did not want to listen to their teacher. Then the kind Magician decided to take pity on this teacher, and take in his magical land. The next day, when the children came to school, they did not find his teacher, and began to weep and plead the Magician to return the teacher. Then the Magician said the children: “I’ll give you your teacher back, but only under one condition: if you, children, listen to and do all things which your teacher teaches you”.

After writing this little essay and leaving to check the notebook, I went home with the other children. On the same day, there was a parents’ meeting, and I was looking forward to my mother, when she returns. When she got home, my mother immediately asked me:

— Lena, what you have written?!

— Mom, did they say anything bad about me? — In fright, I asked.

— Oh no, daughter. Your teacher read out your essay in front of all the parents. All parents, while listening to, even shed a few tears — my mother said.

— Oh, Mom, and I was scared. You came home with such tearful eyes, I thought that you would blame me — I said.

— Oh no, my lovely daughter, there is nothing to blame you for. You are my good girl — hugging me my mother said.

Of course then, I still had no idea that my little creative work would affect my life, many years later…

Key’s riddle

More than 30 years later…

Once a wise man said: “If you have not experienced something, you cannot tell it”.

I remember lying in the hospital ward and looking blankly at the ceiling. Putting another dropper nurses went away, wishing me a good night. I could not sleep for a long time, all sorts of crazy thoughts did not give me rest. Trying to turn on my side, a dropper did not let me. I heard the constant neighbor’s moaning in the ward, and it did not give me peace to relax for a long time, but still fatigue took the better of me and I fell asleep. It would seem, well, what’s wrong with that, just had a dream, but it was not just a dream, it was a Prophetic dream — like Heaven Sent. Later, I did start to call it — Message from the Beyond. This dream really etched in my memory, even after many years, I still remember it well.

In the dream I was choosing the apartment and talked to the unseen, as if it was on top of me, a pleasant male voice. I knew that I had an apartment and it was located on the ground floor. There was a storage room and a garage, and the price of this apartment was seventy thousand. I saw the apartment was filled inside with sunlight, and a voice from above asked me:

— Do you like it?

— Yes, it is so light, — I replied.

Again the Voice asked:

— And what color do you want the walls to be painted?

— Better cream or peach, — I replied.

Then the voice asked again:

— And how do you imagine your kitchen?

— Well, the same, in a pale green brown tone, as that which I had before — I replied.

Then, in the same dream, and I dared to ask the question:

— And where is the entrance to the apartment?

A voice from above, replied:

— The entrance will be in the place you choose, you can turn the way you want.

Hearing this, I very cautiously reacted to this response, thinking in a dream that someone once again mocks me. In the same dream, I knew that I had given a deposit for this apartment, wondering how I had so much money to pay a deposit. In the dream I just went somewhere away and came back again to look at the apartment, and at the end of a dream I saw the key lying in the hallway of the apartment.

That dream has been bothering me for quite a long time. After leaving the hospital, and for somehow getting stronger, I went to visit my mother. Of course, I did not tell her that I had been in a hospital. I just did not want to upset her, because I have recovered and everything is over.

At that time, I had an apartment in the Motherland, which was just empty. Going into it, I was sad that we had so much time rebuilt and repaired it. I remember saving money to buy building materials. I remember how I was doing sketches on paper for my future kitchen, as I with my ex-husband insulated walls and installed plasterboard partitions, etc. We had it all, but not for a long. Going through the books in the apartment, and thinking to take some with me to read, I found a book by Natalia Pravdina “I fulfill the desires” that I have always loved to read and have never read it up to the end. Taking this book, and having stayed a little more time with my mother, I returned home, as I may say now, to my second Homeland in Greece.

After the divorce with husband, I decided to go to another country. So leaving a prestigious job, a new furnished apartment, I with my son went away, so to say, to begin life from the scratch…

I will always love you

On arrival home, I began to not only read, but study, what the author would like to tell. How can you become happy, how to learn to trust the Higher Powers, how to love yourself and achieve Success…

Christmas approached. On the eve of this holiday, I saw another message.

I saw the angel who was like inside me, and when he came out of me, and began to treat other people with the fruit, and then turned to me and said:

— And I have nothing to give you except this, and handed me the ball and apple (ball — means a change of fortune, apple — wisdom).

I told him:

Oh, I do not need anything from you. You’re an Angel!

The Angel then turned to me and said:

— Lena, buy me…

After this dream, I could not understand for a long time what the angel asked me to buy. In a while I guessed, the Angel asked me to buy an icon with his image. I firmly decided that I would find the icon with the image of the Guardian Angel, and my heart would help me to choose, and no matter how much money it would cost I would definitely buy it.

After a while, I went shopping to the city of Tripoli. And I had only one intention, to find and buy an icon of the Guardian Angel. I was walking on the road and did not know where I could buy icons, because had not lived in the city, and lived in the village, getting married there for the second time. Staying near a stall, I asked, where the icons were sold and I was told that it was very close, I had to go through just one block.

Having come into the store, I asked to show me the icon of the Guardian Angel. Sold Salesman began offering me the icon with the image of the Archangel Michael and Gabriel, I tried to explain in Greek as I could, they were the Archangels, but I needed an Angels. Frowning seller continued to seek, and something inside told me, that I should not despair and go away, the seller would definitely find the icon that I want. And so it happened, having looked through all the shelves, he took me to a dusty icon. It was exactly the image of the Angel, which I had seen in a dream. I was so pleased with this icon that wanted to buy for my son the same. The seller then told me that the person who had made this icon died long ago.

After returning home and I hung an icon in the bedroom, I kind of jokingly said, “Angel let me know — is this what you asked me to buy for you?” And with such joyful emotions I went to bed. At three o’clock in the morning, I was awakened by the sound of a nice song. At that moment, I thought, perhaps a spouse forgot to turn off the television, and as always fell asleep on the couch. He was not at home, because he went away in the cafeteria in the evening, so still did not return. Without fear I went to turn off the TV, and immediately guessed that it was an Angel who let me know about himself. The song was playing but I memorized only these words: I will always love you…

Waking up in the morning, I went to the room to wake my son:

— Savva, do you know, what happened last night?

— What could have happened during the night? — Stretching, the son asked.

So many times watching a music channel, I had never heard this song.

— Mom, could you dream it all? It’s hard to know what you think sometimes. How could the TV turn itself on, probably stepfather forgot to turn it off? — Said Savva.

— Oh, no son, I do remember the TV was turned off. I’m telling you the truth. This is probably my Guardian Angel, let me know about himself.

The Icon of Guardian Angel

I asked Him to answer me whether He liked it or not, — I replied.

— I do not think so. Oh, do not take all these dreams into account, it can make you mad, let’s better have breakfast. — Savva said.

Then I did not say anything to my son, I went to brew coffee and prepare breakfast. And just thoughts about the key and that song with the words “I will always love you” kept spinning in my mind.

Angels are on a different, higher energy frequency, relatively to us people. Therefore, the signals from the Angels may be different (a flashing light bulb, the phone rings, the TV turns on, motifs of beautiful unearthly music are heard from nowhere or someone utters your name and so on).

I took this picture for you, my good friend, and placed in a frame with flowers like chamomiles. Chamomile is my favorite flower.

Message or chance

A period of hard work on myself has started. Every morning, standing in front of a mirror, and very quietly, so as not to wake up anyone, I began to repeat the new statements. Sometimes I said three times, and it happened that I forced myself to repeat nine times the same phrase: “Alive power of Success fills me! Wealth is inside of me!” Initially, my logic was constantly confusing me, and put forward contradictory statements such as: “How can Success fill you, Lena? You stand in front of the mirror, are you crazy?” or here is another: “What makes you think that you have wealth inside? Money is the wealth, could it be inside you?” I began to learn to control every thought and avoid criticism and accusations, as it used to be. I was learning to restrain my emotions, trying to be more relaxed and appreciative for everything that I had.

One morning, sitting at the window, I remembered of my childhood desire. I began to remember how we with the girls dreamed of becoming rich and happy, how I imagined myself as a teacher. I realized that becoming a teacher is no longer possible, because time had passed, and it was too late to start something. I understood to become a teacher in another country, it needs to thoroughly study the Greek language, and then go to the university, and then try to find work. In a word, the chances of making a dream come true were zero. I had a degree in Economics, but it did not coincide with my dream. Of course, I wanted to buy an apartment, because living in the village we rented a house. We just wanted to live separately, not in the same house with my spouse’s brother.

I’m 9

Taking out photos, I started to look at my children’s photos and one photo reminded me of all my childhood. This was not an accidental morning, probably for every person one day a morning comes when you begin to wonder: Why were you born? What do you live for? What is the meaning of life? Looking at the picture, I began to cry. It was written on the reverse side: “Yes, you’re stupid, you’re doofy, but I’m trying”. At that moment, I felt very sorry for myself. At that photo was captured the girl, who had a dream of becoming a teacher. Exactly it was nine-years-old Lena, running barefoot through the puddles, being happy to see the Rainbow. It was painful, because looking at the photo, I again want believed in myself. And at that moment, looking out the window, I suddenly saw a white feather flying. It was a sign of my Guardian Angel. I felt the warmth and peace in my heart. Suddenly the tears stopped, and my inner voice wanted to convey me:

Dear Lena, nothing is lost yet! You can everything! You will succeed! Your wish will come true and you will be able to realize your dream!

At that time, I had no idea how to be able to realize my dream and how my desire can be fulfilled, but I have renewed hope in my heart…

Time passed. I continued to take care of myself. More and more I started to pay attention to the dreams and the signs that were sent to me by the Universe. Then I did not have the Internet to read something about Angels and Prophetic dreams, but I knew for sure that all the things that started happening to me were not that simple. I even started to record all my dreams in the special notebook, in order then to find at least some justification and explanation for what was happening around.

And the message again. This time I was told that I was dead. Jesus was sitting beside me, bent his head and was silent. I plucked daisies and gave him. The only thing I asked:

— And what about my son? Will I never see him again?

And the voice on top of me answered:

— You can see him, but only once. You’re like a cloud now. You’re like an Angel, and if your son sees you like that, he can be very frightened.

In the same dream, I saw the vague images of all the Archangels, and suddenly from behind himself appeared Archangel Michael — chief of all the Archangels and Angels, and He, the eternal Warrior against evil. Looking back, I saw someone attacked a little girl and the Archangel Michael said: “Do not touch that girl, leave her.”

Waking up in a fright, I immediately ran to look first at my sleeping son, and then rushed into the bath to look in the mirror at myself, but seeing my old face breathed a sigh of relief.

Then I still did not know that the journey of my soul is just beginning…

This time, I decided to tell my husband about a dream of my death:

— Listen, it’s hard to believe, Jesus himself came to me in a dream and the Archangel Michael stood up for the little girl from the attack.

— Lena, did you watch any movie before going to bed? — With indifference, the husband asked.

— No, — I answered.

— Then how do you have so much imagination? — the husband asked.

— No, it’s not a fantasy, I was told in the dream that I became the Angel. I do not know why I see such dreams, but it’s true. — I replied.

— Lena, if you’re an angel, then where are your wings? — The husband asked mockingly.

— It’s not necessarily to have wings, it’s enough to be sincere and good person — I said with a smile.

— Lena, it’s just your fantasy. You, after buying the icon of Guardian Angel, have all these dreams about all kinds of nonsense. You’ve just begun to think too much about it — the husband said.

So I realized that no matter how I tried to talk about my dreams, all the same, no one wanted to believe me. Nobody attached any significance to all my stories.

After this dream, I realized that I received a chance. A chance in my lifetime — to live a second life. Since then, the Archangel Michael has become the best Heavenly friend for me. I still have the same appeal to him — my Heavenly friend. I tell him everything as to the close friend, joke with him, always feel full protection, and joy in the soul.

After a while, the awareness of life’s reality began to come more and more. Not by chance, a friend of mine came to visit me and brought me a magazine in Greek. There was an article about Archangels. By reading this article with a dictionary in hand, I improved my Greek. More and more I learned to listen to my inner voice. I learnt to release the past and not to hold a grudge on others. I started to take problems and failures deliberately. When unpleasant situations in my family happened, which used to cause me irritation and resentment, I began to analyze and tried to redirect all my emotions into positive ones. In a word, I was gradually becoming a positive person.

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