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If I knew that an essay that I wrote at school more than 30 years ago, would become an important life lesson without freedom of choice. If at that time – in my childhood, I knew that I would get a chance not only to resolve the intriguing question of numbers but, also to feel and to see in them the hidden meaning of my experience and insights. If I knew all that from my early age I would learn how to be more attentive to myself and to the world around me.


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The book is as light and inspiring as its author. If you are faced with hardships and looking for support, this book could be a perfect match. Easy to read, deeply spiritual, the book gives insights on happy living in the circle of family, which should be core for everyone. What I like the best about it is the idea that accidents are not accidental at all!

21 апреля 2017 г., в 15:28


Elena Klimenko
Elena Klimenko
My name is Elena Klimenko. I born in the era of the Soviet Union. I had a dream to become a teacher and to teach people how to be happy. What are you supposed to do when you realize the life you have no longer fits the life you want? I just stopped thinking about my dream. But one prophetic dream I got a chance to start living a second life. The true story of the author, the book entitled “Alive Success”(2018) was published in three languages (Russian, Greek and English). Founder KLIMENKOschool.
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